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What Is The LOC Hair Care Method And What Are Its Benefits?

Maintaining moisture and keeping hair hydrated are key objectives if you want your strands to remain healthy, strong and smooth. Thankfully, the scalp does its job by producing the natural oils necessary to protect your hair and the skin on your head. Sebum usually keeps your scalp and hair moisturised and in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, factors such as heat styling, sun exposure and humidity can leave your hair dry and damaged. Environmental damage is a particular risk for those with tightly curled, kinky or coily hair. Kinky hair tends to experience greater dryness, frizz and breakage than fine, straight hair.

The good news is that you can still do something to hydrate your moisture-starved natural hair. One popular hair care system you can try is the liquid (or leave-in conditioner), oil and cream technique, commonly referred to as the LOC method.

LOC Hair Care Method Explained

The LOC method is about the effective layering of products for your hair. The acronym signifies the order in which you should apply the hair products for optimum hydration and moisture retention.

Having the correct formulas is only half the battle. What makes up the other part is how you layer them; just like in skincare, layering the right way makes all the difference if you want to get the most out of your hair care products. While you can apply other hair care routines, the LOC method has proven to be an effective way of retaining and maintaining moisture for more extended periods.

Who Can Benefit From The LOC Method?

In general, the LOC method works best for those with textured hair and tighter curls. It’s also beneficial for dry hair that doesn’t retain moisture, typically in high-porosity hair types. Although high porosity hair allows moisture to be absorbed quickly into the hair shaft, it cannot retain moisture for long. As a result, the strands dry quickly, causing the hair to look and feel dry and frizzy, as well as becoming more prone to breakage.

That doesn’t mean that low-porosity hair types can’t benefit from the LOC method, though they may need to switch it up a little to allow the products to work their magic.

Can You Do It Every day?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this question because it always comes down to your particular hair type and how often you wash your hair. Some people don’t encounter any problem with the daily application of the products, while others may find their hair too heavy and weighed down by the end of the week. Try using the LOC method every couple of days or so and see how that goes for you. If your hair still feels too dry, you may have to increase the number of times you’re applying the products.

4 Steps To Mastering The LOC Method

The LOC method is not hard to do and only involves a few steps. If you’re ready to experience the benefits it will bring your hair, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started.

Prepare Your Hair

Ideally, wash your hair and scalp first before you begin the LOC method. Washing prepares your hair for the three-step product application process. To prepare your hair, gently cleanse it using a sulphate-free shampoo to eliminate dirt, debris and excess oil. Then, replenish your hair with a nourishing conditioner to dispense essential ingredients to add smoothness and shine to your hair. Remember to use lighter products so that your hair doesn’t become greasy.

Apply Liquid

You have different choices to make for this phase, meaning that you can choose the perfect formula for your specific hair type. You can use a hydration spray, leave-in conditioner, a water-based product or even spray water. Pick the liquid of your choice (tip of the day: a leave-in conditioner is a great product to start with), part your hair and apply the liquid evenly through your strands.

Proceed With Your Favourite Hair Oil

Once you finish applying your chosen liquid, it’s time for hair oil. There are different types of oils available, including coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and avocado oil. Make sure you pick a product based on your hair porosity. Apply a thin layer of oil from the root to the tip of your hair and add more as and when required.

Round It Off With Cream

The cream serves as the topcoat, keeping all of the moisturisers inside every strand. It prevents moisture loss and helps define your curls so they remain frizz-free and bouncy. Once you add the cream, it will absorb water content from the formula and seal your strands.


If you want to give your dry hair some bounce and life but haven’t tried the LOC method yet, then it’s probably time to give it a go. Choose formulas with nourishing ingredients designed for your hair type, and the result should be bouncy hair that’s defined in texture, hydrated and well moisturised for days.

Give your strands the love and attention they deserve. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning that’s causing you concern, you might benefit from a chat with a hair care professional. Vinci Hair Clinic is here to help. We offer a free consultation to get you started on the journey to better hair. Get in touch and book your appointment today!