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How To Save Yourself From Hat Hair Embarrassment This Summer

Whether you’re wearing it to protect your face from the sun or as a fashion statement, a hat will never go out of style. It’s an incredibly versatile accessory that should be a part of everyone’s closet. This piece of headwear can also make hairstyling unnecessary since it can cover your hair imperfections.

The problem with hats, though, is that they have no regard for your hairstyle and don’t care about your hair! Regardless of how much time you put into making your hair look presentable and stylish, that flattened crown and distinct crease on your hair will be the ruination of your hairstyle.

5 Tips To Prevent Hat Hair

Luckily, wearing a hat doesn’t have to be the end for your gorgeous locks. You can wear a hat and save your hairstyle by using some of the following tips to prevent the dreaded hat hair.

Brush With Your Fingers

It can be tempting to use a brush to smooth things out and make the style look intentional, but that’s only going to make the line your hat left behind around the rim of your head look even more noticeable. Running a brush through your hair can also make it look like frizz.

Nobody wants that, so use your fingers instead to comb through your hair. Additionally, spritz a small amount of dry shampoo or a texturising spray to add volume to flat hair.

Wear A Scarf Underneath The Hat

If you want to rock a hat this summer but don’t want to deal with annoying hat hair, wearing a scarf underneath is an excellent idea. It will protect your strands from the visible dent of your beanie and even accessorise your beach outfit.

Don’t settle for the first scarf you find, though. Instead, invest in a silk scarf, as it’s gentle on your fragile strands. Be sure to tuck the ends under your hat so they don’t spoil your overall look.

Be Strategic With Your Hairstyle

Not all hairstyles go well with a hat, but there are ones that will allow you to rock this headpiece without any issue. It’s also vital to pick the hat that complements your hairstyle. For example, a soft wool beanie is perfect for a low pony style whereas hats with tighter bands, like a fedora, look great on wavy hair. The crease will blend with your waves, creating a natural curly appearance.

Moreover, some haircuts are more conducive to wearing hats that are shorter on the sides. It means you only need to worry about the dents on the top of your hair, for one thing.

Don’t Wear A Hat With Wet Hair

You’re probably aware that wearing a hat when your hair is wet isn’t good, as it can cause frizz and damage. It will also dictate the position of your hair once it dries, which is often in a crazy pattern or even matted to your head. Plus, letting your hair dry and set under a hat will make your hat hair more stubborn.

So, if you plan to wear your favourite beanie, make sure your hair is dry. It’s always worth taking the time to blow-dry your hair before putting on your hat.

Tuck It Behind Your Ears

A simple yet effective way to prevent hat hair is to tuck your hair behind your ears. This tip is especially beneficial if you have straight hair since the flattened, uneven hair tends to be more evident. It helps avoid unflattering dents or creases as soon as you let your hair down.

Easy Ways To Fix Hat Hair

If you weren’t successful in your attempt to save yourself from hat hair, don’t fret! There are still ways to fix the problem and enjoy your gorgeous hairstyle.

Let Your Bobby Pins Do The Work

Bobby pins are amazing little devices when it comes to fixing hat hair. They’re also small enough to fit in your purse, so always keep a few in your bag to help you pin down those noticeable creases on your hair once you decide to take off your hat.

Put Your Hair In A Loose Bun

Hide your unruly strands and disguise that unsightly hat hair by putting your hair into a loose bun. Using a styling product can also help get your locks back in place and restore your hair’s body and bounce. If you know you’ll be taking your hat off, therefore, carry a styling product with you.


Hat hair may not be a significant issue for some, but anyone who has had to greet colleagues or meet with clients immediately after removing a hat knows that it’s more than just a minor embarrassment. It can make you look like you’ve just rolled out of bed, which is never a good look when you’re hoping to make the right impression. So, follow these tips to bring your hat hair back to life and save yourself from mortification!

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