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Seven Night-time Rituals That Guarantee Radiant Hair In The Morning

You probably have a beauty routine before bed. Often, it involves removing makeup, cleansing the face and applying toner and moisturiser. You may even apply night cream and serum for a glowing, healthy-looking complexion. But are you also giving your hair the same level of pampering and care?

Like the skin, your hair needs some TLC, too, especially after being exposed to heat, dirt and pollution every day. Cultivating a haircare routine at night is vital in keeping your hair in excellent condition and ready to combat the external factors that cause damage to your tresses. Don’t worry! These bedtime haircare rituals are super easy yet highly effective in nourishing your strands for softer and more manageable hair in the morning.

Apply A Leave-in Treatment Overnight

One way to repair damage and keep your locks feeling silky and looking shiny is to nourish your hair with a leave-in treatment or conditioner. There’s a host of leave-in conditioners for you to use, but it’s best to use a nutrient-rich formula that contains protein to strengthen and fortify strands.

You don’t have to wash a leave-in conditioner, but if you find it too heavy for your hair, you can use a conditioner after washing with a repair shampoo. Be sure to dry your hair before bed since it’s fragile and more prone to breakage when wet.

Add Extra Nourishment With Hair Oil Or Serum

Some people steer clear of oil because they fear having oily scalp and hair that’s heavy and greasy. Oil-based haircare products are more beneficial than you realise, however. Hair oil and serums are incredibly versatile. Not only do they add shine to your strands, but they can also tame frizz and fight dryness.

Apply two, maybe three drops to your palm and work them through your strands, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends of hair. Make sure you don’t apply it to your scalp or close to the roots to avoid a sticky feeling.

Try A Hair Mask

An overnight hair mask will protect your delicate locks while you sleep. Like any haircare product, hair masks come in a range of formulations, so make sure you find one for your hair type. You can find a product designed for extra moisturising benefits, maintaining healthy locks and softening the hair.

Once you’ve found the right one for you, use it at night after your shampoo. Apply it to your lengths and leave it on for three to five minutes. Then, rinse with cold water to lock in moisture and keep your strands hydrated.

Keep Your Hair In Place With A Silk Cap

Tossing and turning through the night can sometimes cause the ends of your hair to break, leading to damage and split ends. Furthermore, it can also cause the natural oils and moisture in your hair to dry out. So, to keep your hair protected while you sleep, wrap it in a silk cap. It helps reduce hair friction and allows you to maintain your hairstyle.

Invest In A Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

It’s not because we want you to look fancy while you sleep, although that’s certainly a plus. Rather, sleeping on satin or silk pillowcases allows for less hair friction as your hair slides across the surface more easily. It also helps reduce frizz, especially for coily and textured hair, so you can wake up feeling fresh without worrying about messy bed hair.

Wear A Braid

Do you want to achieve gorgeous beachy waves in the morning without using heat? Well, sleeping in a braid is the perfect solution for that. Create two stylish braids on either side of your head or a single braid at the back. Then, pull gently to loosen from your scalp, and you’ll be saying hello to adorable waves the next day.

Dry Your Hair Before Going To Bed

Drying your hair after a long, tiring day may be the last thing you want to do before retiring to bed but sleeping with your hair wet is not good for your strands. Remember, your hair is at its weakest when wet, so sleeping on it in that state could cause hair breakage and damage. Make it a habit, therefore, to dry your hair completely before bed. Instead of a towel, you can also pat your hair dry with a soft t-shirt, especially if you don’t have the energy and time to blow-dry it.


Establishing a night-time haircare routine will create a healthy foundation for styling your hair the next day. As you prepare your hair at night, you can wake up with healthier strands ready to combat the heat, pollution, sweat and other factors that can make your hair prone to damage and breakage. You’ll also spend less time in front of the mirror in the morning trying to tame your tresses.

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