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What Can Avocado Do For Your Hair?

In the world of health and beauty, the use of fresh fruits is a growing trend. The long list of health and beauty benefits they offer is making people sit up and take notice. One fruit, in particular, is being hailed for its beneficial ingredients: the avocado.

It has long been known that the essence of avocados is good for the skin, and it has been incorporated in various skincare products. Eating avocados is one delicious way of achieving young and glowing skin. Aside from enjoying the taste of the fruit itself, you can apply its essence topically as a face mask. You can even go basic by extracting the avocado pulp itself and applying it directly to your dry skin or acne-prone areas.

Less well known, perhaps, is the fact that this fruit has also been used in the haircare routine of many people. So, whether it’s using an avocado-based hair mask or applying avocado as a hair treatment, this is one fruit you should think seriously about adding to your routine.

Incorporating Avocado In Your Haircare Routine

With the avocado skincare and health craze still at their peak, it’s useful to know just how valuable the fruit is to your locks as well. So, if you love your hair and want it to retain its lustre and shine, there are several health tips you can practise.

Establishing and following a good haircare routine is strongly advised by every expert in the business. So why not be creative and add a touch of flair to yours? Research done on using avocado suggests that you won’t be disappointed with the effect it has on your hair.

Avocado Diet

This well-loved buttery fruit is a staple in many types of salads, along with other healthy fruits and vegetables. You can also use it in shakes, smoothies and heart-friendly dips. Avocado is also eaten as a topping in many dishes like sushi, or on toast. Whatever the recipe you have in mind, as long as you put avocado in as an ingredient, you will reap its health benefits. Not only do these taste great, but the fact that avocado is a source of protein and vitamin B also means that it promotes optimal hair health. In short, the vitamins from this sumptuous fruit contribute to glossy and luxurious hair.

Avocado Hair Conditioners

For problems with hair frizz and tangles, you should try putting in an organically sourced avocado leave-in conditioner on your hair strands, particularly those with severe end tangles. These leave-in conditioners are excellent for their nourishing effects. Plus, they contain all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are kind to your hair.

Despite its undoubted benefits, you should not use a leave-in conditioner every day since daily use leaves traces of the product on your hair. This can lead to buildups that cause long-term damage to your hair. Also, you should apply the product to damp hair since dry skin may not fully absorb it.

Avocado Scalp Treatment

It does you good to indulge yourself now and then, and a scalp massage is one way of doing just that. If you use specially formulated avocado oil as part of the massage, the effects are even better. Hot oil therapy is always the go-to choice of hair treatment for most women. Having one regularly, especially before getting a scalp massage, will make sure the avocado oils penetrate the scalp from the roots up to the ends. Moisturising your hair reduces frizz and increases blood flow to your scalp area, thereby improving your hair strength and minimising scalp and hair dryness. An avocado scalp treatment is a good suggestion for treating dry and brittle hair.

Avocado Hair Masks

Using an avocado mask can help you achieve silky, smooth locks. The ingredients found in the fats and nutrients of avocados make it the perfect component for a healthy hair mask.

The good thing about this hair treatment is that making your own DIY avocado hair mask is simple. There are plenty of variations on hair mask recipes that you can try at home, each of which is just as effective as the commercially formulated ones.


Eating healthily is one of the top recommendations for getting shiny and smooth hair but applying healthy and organic hair products is also worth trying out. So, work your way to the hair of your choice by treating it to some avocado-loving. You’ll begin to see outstanding hair results in no time!

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