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Will Castor Oil Make My Hair Grow?

Hair thinning is a common issue regardless of gender and age. It is a condition with many causes, including hormonal imbalances, scalp infections and heredity, to name but a few. A common occurrence it may be, but that doesn’t make it less upsetting when it happens to you.

There are many products on the market that promise to stop or reverse hair loss. The problem is that many of these products are expensive, which is why more people are turning to natural alternatives for their DIY hair growth treatments. One of the most popular of these is castor oil.

How Castor Oil Helps With Hair Growth

Castor oil is an extract collected from castor beans, and it has been used for medical purposes for years. Besides its pharmaceutical uses, it’s also used in hair treatment. So, is it effective or not?

Promotes Healthy Hair

To understand why castor oil is good for your hair, you must look at its composition. Unlike many oils which are comprised mainly of fatty acids, castor oil contains antioxidants, proteins and vitamins as well. That makes it perfect for nourishing a dry scalp and adding moisture and shine to your hair. If your hair is healthy and moisturised, it will grow faster.

Boosts The Hair’s Ability To Absorb Products

Castor oil is also good for cleaning the scalp of the residue that has built up there. Since a moisturised and dirt-free scalp is more absorptive, this means that other products you are using to improve your hair’s health or growth rate will be more effective. Castor oil not only has its own benefits, therefore, but it also amplifies the benefits of other hair care products.

It’s Rich In Ricinoleic Acid

While there’s still no hard evidence to link castor oil with hair growth, its ability to improve the overall health of the scalp and hair convinces many that there must be a link. This belief is strengthened by the knowledge that castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which is known to fight inflammation and improve the health of hair follicles. Those, in turn, promote hair growth.

How To Use Castor Oil By Hair Type

The one universal rule when it comes to castor oil is that you should not use it on your scalp more than once a week, as too much of it can cause matting or tangled clumps in your hair. After that, how and when you apply castor oil depends on your hair type and texture.

For Fine To Medium Straight Hair

Before using castor oil, wash your scalp and hair with shampoo. Apply the treatment to the last two to three inches of your hair to protect the ends from damage. Afterwards, wash your hair again and style it as desired.

For Medium To Thick, Straight And Wavy Hair

If your hair is thicker than the average, the procedure is slightly different. Once again, you should start by shampooing your hair, but this time you should add heat or steam to make the castor oil more effective. If you don’t do so, the product may not fully penetrate your hair cuticles. Castor oil works regardless of whether you have straight or wavy hair.

For Wavy Or Loose Curls

It’s much easier to apply castor oil to wavy hair or loose curls. Simply mix a few drops of the ingredient in your conditioner and let it do its job.

For Curly Or Tightly Coiled Hair

If your hair is curly or tightly coiled, you can choose to use castor oil either as an added treatment (see the example for medium to thick hair) or as a weekly moisturiser (see wavy to loose curls). However, make sure to use detox shampoo at least once a month since castor oil can be pretty heavy.

For Protective Hairstyles

If you’re wearing a protective style, you can still hydrate your scalp using castor oil. Mixing it with other oils and treatments can enhance the effects. Remember to use an applicator bottle to allow better access to your scalp.


While there is no scientific evidence of castor oil’s effectiveness in promoting hair growth, it is still worth giving it a try. It will certainly improve the condition of your hair if nothing else.

If you’re concerned about your hair and want a professional opinion, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We have trichologists who will assess your hair loss problem and offer effective treatment options. Contact us to book your complimentary consultation and begin your journey to hair restoration today!