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How To Make Your Scalp Less Oily With Clay

Dealing with oily scalp can be a real pain. You wash your hair in the morning and look in the mirror later that night only to see your strands looking flat and weighed down because of excess oil. Seriously, there’s nothing more frustrating than finding your scalp and hair feeling and looking greasy by the end of the day.

Since the last thing you want is your hair becoming an oily mess before bed, what can you do? That’s where clay comes in! Yes, this popular skincare ingredient has already made its mark in the haircare industry, and it’s here to stay. So, don’t be surprised when you find that tons of shampoos and conditioners contain clay. Read on to find out how it works and to determine if clay is the best remedy for your oily scalp problem.

Common Types Of Clay For Hair

Not all clays are the same. The haircare market is packed with clay products, and the most popular ones are bentonite, kaolin and rhassoul. Each offers unique benefits that work wonders in making your hair less greasy and much healthier.


This clay contains a mixture of different natural minerals that are good for your hair. It cleans the scalp deeply, eliminating toxins and dead skin cells. Although it doesn’t stimulate hair growth directly, it does unclog hair follicles to encourage healthy growth.


Kaolin clay is a very gentle clay, perfect for hair. It has excellent absorption properties, gently lifting dirt and toxins from your scalp and hair to give you a refreshing experience.


The rhassoul clay has a medium-power absorption property that can soak up the sweat and oils from the skin on your head. It also contains different minerals your hair needs for better growth.

How Clay Helps Your Oily Scalp

From removing debris, dirt and impurities from the pores to reducing scars and treating acne, clay has been a key ingredient in many skincare formulas for years. Now, you can find it in the haircare aisle too, as it’s been showing up in many shampoos, conditioners, hair masks and styling products.

If you’re wondering if you should add clay to your haircare routine, let’s first take a look at what it can do for your scalp and hair.

Balances The Scalp’s Sebum Levels

The sebaceous glands produce a natural, waxy oil called sebum. It plays an essential role in maintaining moisture on your strands and hair follicles and protecting your scalp from infection. However, the oil from your scalp can also build up as part of a mixture of dead skin cells, sweat, dirt and residue of hair products. That’s when you may notice your hair weighing down and your scalp feeling greasy.

Using harsh shampoo to rid your scalp of excess oil and dirt can also strip your hair of necessary moisture. Fortunately, a clay mask can absorb excess sebum without drying out your hair.

Clarifies And Cleans The Scalp

Thanks to the powerful absorbent properties of clay, especially bentonite and rhassoul, you can rely on it to remove toxins, dirt, oils and other impurities from your scalp and hair. Also, by absorbing excess sebum from your scalp, clay keeps the skin on your head clean and dandruff-free. It will also prevent clogging of hair roots which may cause hair loss.

Softens And Moisturises Your Hair

Since clay is rich in various natural minerals, it can also keep your strands soft and moisturised. It contains conditioning and cleansing properties that gently exfoliate and soothe your scalp while helping maintain the beauty and shine of your locks. Bentonite is a perfect example of a nourishing clay.

Bentonite is particularly good for curly or textured hair, which tends to have dry ends but greasy roots. Fortunately, clay-based shampoos and conditioners will make you feel fresh and clean without removing natural oils from your scalp. These haircare products will also give your curls a good definition and leave them feeling soft and manageable with no tangles.

Provides Extra Volume And Natural Bounce To Hair

Scalp build-up is one of the causes of flat, lifeless hair and can make it look heavy and limp. The great news is that the clay in shampoos and conditioners can add volume and texture to your hair, making it look bouncy and full of life. This essential haircare ingredient can also provide your scalp with the minerals and nutrients it needs to stay nourished and healthy for new growth.


Putting clay on your hair may not sound like the most glamorous thing to do, but it offers proven benefits for your mane. No matter what kind of hair type and texture you have, clay will not only cleanse your scalp but also help your strands remain soft, shiny, healthy and manageable all year round.

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