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Collagen And Your Hair: The Facts Laid Bare

Collagen is a notable skincare buzzword floating around the web, but did you know it’s also good for your hair? According to a study, it is the most abundant protein in the body that helps make up ligaments, tendons and the skin. It also provides structure to your nails and hair and gives the skin elasticity and strength.

Your body produces collagen naturally, but it slows down significantly as you age. Fortunately, you can also get it from foods like bone broth and supplements. However, before you jump on the collagen-supplement bandwagon, make sure you know what it is and how it works for your hair. That’s why we’ve explored the critical role of collagen beyond its skincare benefits.

The Truth About Collagen And Your Hair

Collagen makes up seventy per cent of your dermis, the skin’s middle layer that contains the root of every individual hair. Collagen contributes to the strength and elasticity of the dermis. Your body produces less collagen with age and becomes less proficient in replenishing cells in your dermis. That may be why hair gets thinner as you age. Providing the body with collagen, therefore, may help prevent hair thinning by maintaining a healthy dermis.

Collagen And Hair Growth

Some studies have linked collagen with hair growth, concluding that this protein could be a valuable hair loss solution. It’s because increased collagen production can strengthen soft tissues surrounding the hair follicles. As a result, it creates the optimum environment for hair growth.

In addition, a lack of collagen may delay the hair cycle, disrupting new hair growth. This shows a significant relationship between the regeneration of hair follicles and collagen. However, it may be too early to conclude that supplements or hair products containing collagen play an important role in stimulating hair growth.

Further research will determine the effectiveness of taking collagen supplements orally or using them topically. Nevertheless, it continues to be a popular ingredient for many haircare products today.

3 Ways Collagen Can Improve Your Hair

If you’ve decided to add collagen to your haircare ingredient list, then you’re in for a treat. Besides hyaluronic acid and retinol, this potent protein could be the secret to healthy hair. Here are three reasons why collagen can be beneficial for your locks:

Rebuild And Strengthen Your Hair From The Inside Out

Keratin is the primary protein component making up your hair strands and plays a critical role in maintaining healthy and strong hair. It helps improve your strands by preventing heat damage, frizz and breakage.

The body uses amino acids to make keratin and obtains some of these from collagen. In theory, therefore, having plenty of collagen should help your hair. This complex system of keratin building shows how significant collagen is in keeping your mane healthy and luscious. A word of caution, however: at the moment, there is no evidence to prove that taking collagen supplements will increase keratin production.

Prevent Hair Thinning

Hair thinning is a major concern among adult men and women. Excessive heat, chemical treatments and improper haircare routines are all common causes of hair thinning, alongside external factors like UV rays and pollution.

Besides a nourishing hair treatment and volumising shampoo and conditioner, a haircare product containing collagen and other nutrient-rich ingredients could help. Since it makes up seventy per cent of your skin, including your scalp, keeping the skin on your head healthy could mean less hair thinning.

Reduce The Appearance Of Grey Hair

Although grey hair is a natural part of life, it’s not something many people welcome! Constantly colouring your strands as soon as your hair grows out can take much time and effort, not to mention its damaging effects on your hair.

Grey hairs appear as you age and, very often, there’s little you can do about that other than concealing the greys with some colour. However, some factors can contribute to premature greying; smoking, alcohol drinking, pollution and stress can trigger a radical formation and stimulate some of the signs of ageing, like early greying of hair. Collagen acts as a natural antioxidant to combat cell damage caused by free radicals.

Look for a formula with high levels of collagen and other essential haircare ingredients. Some products may also have added Vitamin C to deliver an extra layer of cell protection against oxidative stress.


Collagen as a haircare ingredient is generally safe, which is why you can now find it in many products in beauty stores. But no matter what product you buy containing this type of protein, be sure to follow the instructions on the packet.

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