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Three Reasons Why More Men Are Getting Hair Transplants

In this blog, we look at three reasons why more men than ever before are opting to have hair transplant surgery.

The influence of celebrities

Going back twenty years, it was almost unheard of for a man to proudly announce that he’d had hair transplant surgery. Although some still prefer to keep their decision under wraps, people are now much more likely to talk about having a procedure. The shift towards the destigmatization of hair restoration surgery began in 2011 when footballer Wayne Rooney became one of the first to tweet about how happy he was with his new look. Numerous celebrities have since followed in his footsteps and shared their hair transplant experiences. For many men, seeing people that they admire improve their hair has been a big motivator in going ahead with the surgery themselves.

Effective, natural and permanent

Hair transplant surgery has become a top choice for many men because it is effective and delivers permanent natural-looking results. With hair transplant surgery, the implanted hair is not susceptible to further hair loss. It will grow just like the rest of the hair and can be cut and styled in any way desired.

The feel-good factor

The impact of hair loss on one’s appearance cannot be underestimated. Studies have shown that it can affect men’s emotional well-being, triggering anxiety and depression. The men who opt to go under the knife are taking control of the situation – it lets them regain their happiness as well as their hair.

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Three Reasons Why More Men Are Getting Hair Transplants 2