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How To Get Longer Hair Faster (No, It’s Not Magic!)

Perhaps you’ve tried various products and special shampoos that have promised to give you longer hair in record time, all to no avail. Undeterred, you’re still willing to buy anything, including different supplements, in the hope that you’ll achieve your desired hair length faster.

The amazing news is that you can now grow the thicker, glossier hair you’ve always wanted, and it’s got little to do with those magic pills and wonder products on the market.

But before delving into the secret to growing your hair faster, you have to understand that many different factors can affect the speed of your hair growth. These factors include your age, genetics, health and even your diet. However, with the proper hair care routine and diet, you can grow stronger and longer hair.

How Quick Can Your Hair Grow?

Many women, it seems, have used the #shorthairdontcare caption on their selfies while sporting their brand new chopped-off hair look. Though it makes you feel lighter and young, a short style can never compete with the versatility your long hair can offer.

Long hair is pretty much everything, as it goes so well with every outfit and every aesthetic. Girls can naturally pull off long hair, regardless of what style they choose to project.

The Natural Way

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) estimates that hair can grow about six inches every year. Though genetics play a significant role in the speed of hair growth, the average length that can add to a woman’s hair is half an inch per month.

While some herbs and vitamins still need to undergo research to prove their efficacy, a proper diet is essential if you’re going to have healthy long hair.

5 Tips To Boost Hair Growth

Always Start With Your Scalp

A human scalp consists of about 100,000 hair follicles, where hair grows from the root at the bottom of it. Protecting your scalp and ensuring that it’s healthy is crucial for vigorous hair growth. Before applying hair care products, therefore, you must ensure that you eliminate the impurities and excess oil from your hair.

Avoid using any harsh cleansers, as they may cause skin issues that can negatively affect your hair growth. Keep a healthy balance of natural oil and moisture on your scalp, and give yourself a relaxing scalp massage from time to time. Not only does it provide a soothing experience, but it can also boost your circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Choose Products That Will Strengthen Your Hair

Everyone has a different hair type, so make sure you select the products appropriate for yours, ones that will make your hair strong. Choose products whose ingredients serve a specific purpose. Anti-inflammatory botanicals like aloe vera excel at soothing and conditioning your scalp. Products rich in niacin will enhance follicle health by boosting blood supply to the scalp. Picking hair care products carefully in this way can play a significant role in growing longer and healthier hair.

Regularly Trim Your Hair

Split ends are never a good look, so regular trimming is highly recommended. Trim your hair every eight to twelve weeks to maintain healthy hair growth.

Experts do not recommend a DIY trim because you’ll do more harm than good. Resist the temptation to take off an inch or two at home. Instead, book yourself an appointment with your hairstylist and request a ‘health trim’. A health trim is essential when you’re growing out your hair and want only to eliminate split ends while maintaining length.

Use Treatments Against Split Ends

As much as you want to have healthy-looking long hair, split ends will always stand in the way of you achieving that. Aside from getting regular trimmings, you should also seek out products that will help you seal the split ends. Choose products that not only make your hair shiny and healthy but also add in a layer of protection.

Style And Protect Your Hair

Steer clear of hairstyles that might damage your hair in the longer term. Your main objective, remember, is to have gorgeous long hair. Don’t let your desire for the latest new style put the health of your hair at risk!

One of the easiest changes you can make to your hairstyling habits is to ditch elastic hair ties and scrunchies. Elastic often gets tangled in your strands and can pull on your hair. Replace elastic with silk scrunchies and tie your ponytails lower to reduce the pressure on your scalp.


Hair is the only crown that one can never take off, so it must look gorgeous, healthy and strong. Follow the tips in this article and you’ll be well on your way to having the long tresses you’ve always wanted.

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