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Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Changing Your Shampoo

Every time you hit the hair care aisle and look at the plethora of shampoos on display, you might wonder whether you should try something new or remain loyal to your current brand. Some say you should switch your shampoo occasionally because it will stop being effective as your hair gets used to the formula.

It turns out that’s one of the biggest myths in the hair care industry. Your hair doesn’t become immune to the effects of your shampoo’s formula, so you shouldn’t switch your shampoo for fear that it will no longer work well on your hair.

If that’s the case, why then would you consider changing your shampoo? One reason might be that you find yourself dealing with hair issues you haven’t experienced before. If you’re unsure when to hit the beauty store, look for these telltale signs that you need to change your shampoo.

The Weather Changes

The summer heat can make the scalp oily, leaving your hair looking dull and lifeless. Direct heat from the sun can also be harmful to your hair’s overall health. These are good reasons why you’ll want to opt for a shampoo designed to provide UV protection and balance the moisture levels in your hair. You might also want to ditch the moisturising shampoo but try products formulated to smooth your hair follicle.

Additionally, your hair can become tangled and snagged when exposed to high winds. Winter can also dry out your hair, so a conditioning treatment and a moisturising shampoo are an excellent pair to consider.

Your Hair Needs Deep Cleansing

If your hair becomes extra greasy, limp and heavy, it might be due to product build-up. Over time, styling products and moisturising conditioners and shampoos can leave residue, causing your hair to look dull and sticky.

Your shampoo should clean your hair and scalp and get rid of unnecessary oils and dirt. But if your current shampoo just doesn’t cut it anymore, it’s time to try something new. Otherwise, you might begin experiencing scalp issues, such as irritation and itchiness.

You’re Trying To Grow Your Hair

Your hair has a unique growth cycle but a few hair care hacks, combined with the right hair-growing shampoo, can stimulate its growth. Remember that healthy strands equate to long, bouncy hair, so making small changes that support your scalp and hair health is an essential step to take.

You Switched To A New Hair Colour

It’s always exciting to experiment with a new hair colour for a fresh look. But the change doesn’t just end there. You’ll also have to consider getting a new shampoo designed for colour-treated hair. It’s best to buy a product that provides a colour-safe hair care system to prevent fading and ensure your newly dyed hair remains vibrant and healthy-looking.

Your Strands Are Starting To Feel Dry

So maybe you notice more frizz and split ends or find that your locks feel more like hay rather than soft and silky to the touch. When your hair becomes dry and hard to style, it could be a sign that you need a new shampoo.

While various factors can contribute to dry and brittle hair, the first step to improving its condition is to swap to a gentle formula that provides mild cleansing. You might also benefit from a moisturising shampoo that eliminates dirt and sweat from your hair without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Moisturising or hydrating shampoos are also ideal for adding smoothness, shine and moisture to your hair.

Your hair Lacks Volume

If you are looking to add body and volume to your limp, dull and flat hair, remember that everything starts in the shower, so make sure you have the right shampoo to do the trick for you. If your locks look lifeless when you finish drying them, it’s a clear indication that your hair needs extra volume to look healthy and stay strong. Switch to a volumising shampoo that’s suitable for your hair type to achieve the desired result.

Your Activity Level Has Changed

Getting more exercise is fantastic, but make sure your hair is also keeping up with your active lifestyle. Your scalp sweats when you exercise. Sweat travels down the hair shaft, spreading dirt and oils as it goes, which can leave your hair looking greasy and dull. Ditch your old shampoo and try a clarifying shampoo that can clean your hair and scalp properly to prevent build-up.


Finding the right shampoo for your specific hair needs requires an evaluation of your circumstances and lifestyle. If you haven’t changed your shampoo for years, you could be missing something better on the market. Explore your options and choose the products that will deliver the best result for you.

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