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FUE – Your Solution to Pattern Baldness

When it comes to dealing with male pattern baldness, there are many treatment options that can help. By far the most effective, though, is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant surgery.

What is the FUE hair transplant technique?

FUE hair transplantation is the most advanced hair restoration technique used today. It is commonly recommended for men who have the typical frontal and crown hair loss caused by pattern baldness. During the surgery, a surgical tool called a micro-punch is used to harvest individual follicular grafts from the back of the scalp. The grafts are then placed into the recipient area to rebuild a natural level of density. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort. In most cases, the treatment can be completed in a one-day session.

What makes FUE better than other types of hair transplant?

While Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) technique hair transplants are still popular and provide excellent results, FUE has several advantages over this type of procedure. No stitches are required, which allows for prompt healing, and any signs of extraction will fade from the donor area within days. Since no scars are left behind, the patient will be able to wear even closely shaved hairstyles and feel confident that no-one will spot giveaway signs of surgery.

What can you expect after FUE surgery?

Knowing what to expect in the days and months following FUE is important. Immediately after surgery, and for some 42-78 hours afterwards, it is typical to experience minor swelling. There may also be some scabbing which is treated using gentle products as recommended by the surgeon. It will take around six months for the transplanted hair to grow in and a year for the full result to develop. This process can be supported by using additional hair restoration treatments. Options include the medicines minoxidil and finasteride, PRP Therapy and LLLT Therapy.

Where can I find out more FUE hair transplant surgery?

If your hairline is receding or you are going bald on top, FUE hair transplant surgery could save the day! You can find out if the treatment is right for you by contacting Vinci Hair Clinic to book a free consultation.