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Baldness Makes An Impact on First Impressions

Recent research from the University of Otago has shed light on how people’s impressions of our character traits are affected by our hair. In this article, we look at these new findings in more detail and discuss how hair loss sufferers can fight back against baldness.

What character traits do people associate with baldness?

The New Zealand-based research team, led by Dr Nancy Blaker, wanted to learn more about how hair, or lack of it, alter our reactions to a person. Their particular focus was on how our biases regarding hair could affect our choices when voting for a political leader. To gather data, a group of 634 participants were shown a random selection of photos of 31 men, each with three variations – a full head of hair, shaved head and bald. After reviewing each image, the participants provided a rating on the traits of age, leadership, masculinity, dominance, attractiveness, health and intelligence. The results revealed that balding men were rated to be less healthy, attractive and intelligent than those with full hair growth. Those were strong hair growth were seen as more youthful and having better leadership traits. Interestingly, the images of men with shaved heads received the highest rating for dominance and were considered to be more masculine than those with longer hair or hair loss.

The negative effect of hair loss

Hair loss doesn’t only have an unfavourable effect on others see us – it also has a major impact on how we feel about ourselves. As the hairline recedes and the crown gets barer, many men feel like their confidence is slipping away with their strands. Sufferers often develop stress or anxiety and may experience complicated emotions of anger, shame and fear.

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