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While baldness was once seen as “fair game” for comedians, things have changed considerably over the last decade. Most people now recognise how hurtful this type of commentary can be and avoid making such jokes. It isn’t surprising then, that an advertiser recently came under fire for using a theme based on hair loss.

Estate agent’s ad causes controversy

Hair loss sufferers were furious when they discovered that estate agency Marsh and Parsons appeared to be mocking bald people with their new ad campaign. The poster, which appeared in London’s Brixton tube station bore the words “An important central skylight creates a bright and airy living space”. The text was accompanied by an image of a man’s head, showing typical signs of androgenetic alopecia, with a bald patch at the crown. The public reaction to this humourless joke was highly negative. One Twitter user wrote that only trolls would find it funny and that the marketing department should receive a formal warning. Others described the advert as insensitive and “bald-shaming”. Meanwhile, members of online alopecia support groups even went as far as lodging official complaints with UK advertising watchdogs. Marsh and Parsons were said to be surprised by the feedback and confirmed that they would not use this particular campaign again after its current run finished. It’s not the first time that hair loss sufferers have made a stand against baldness jokes. In 2019, the TV presenter Gary Linekar faced criticism after making negative comments about hair loss on Match of The Day. Though the jokes were aimed at Linekar’s co-presenter friends, who weren’t upset themselves, the complaints about his discriminatory tone triggered an investigation by the BBC.

Fighting back against hair loss

Even without the embarrassment of bald jokes, hair loss can have a significant impact on one’s self-esteem, confidence and social interactions. The good news for those who are worried about their hair is that help is available. Vinci Hair Clinics are leaders in hair restoration and offer a range of medical, surgical and non-surgical treatments. Their international clinics are staffed by friendly, understanding staff, many of whom have experienced hair loss themselves. To find out more, contact Vinci today to book a free personalised consultation.