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African Haircare Myths, Busted

In this blog, we look at three common beliefs about styling and caring for African hair. Do you know the truth or are you making grooming mistakes that could damage your hair and even make it fall out?

Tight braids promote hair growth

The idea that wearing certain styles can stimulate hair growth is perhaps the most widespread misconception about African hair. Cornrows, braids and weaves are very popular, but you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you are expect them to make your hair grow faster. Such styles can, in fact, have the opposite effect. When hair is tightly fixed in place for an extended period, it places the follicles under strain and can trigger traction alopecia. This hair loss condition occurs because the hair is pulled out from the root and results in bald patches.

 Over-cleansing will make your hair fall out

Another common rumour that circulates amongst the Afro-hair community is that shampooing too often can cause hair loss. This myth may have originated not because frequent washing causes hair loss, but because so many people use the wrong type of cleansing product. Until the last decade or so, the availability of hair care products tailored to the specific needs of African hair was very limited. General shampoos often do not provide the right balance of cleansing and nourishment that black hair needs. Such products can leave your mane dull, dry, unmanageable and prone to breakage.

Snake oil and herbal remedies are best for treating hair loss

A myth that has been handed down through generations is the recommendation of snake oil and herbal remedies for treating hair loss. You have probably heard plenty of anecdotes about people who have miraculously gone from bald to having a full head of hair by applying traditional lotions and potions. However, there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims.

Advice from Vinci’s hair loss experts

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