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The Solution to Patchy Facial Hair

If you have ever wished that your moustache was thicker or that you could grow a strong, bushy beard, read on. In this blog, we’ll tell you how facial hair transplant surgery could give you the look of your dreams.

Geordie Shore Star’s Beard Surgery

Gary Beadle, best known for his appearances on the reality show Geordie Shore, recently revealed to fans that he’d had undergone an aesthetic surgery four months earlier. The 31-year-old posted a before and after photo on his Instagram account, writing in the caption that he had a beard hair transplant procedure. Explaining that the decision to have the treatment came after years of not being able to grow facial hair, he said that he loves his new look.

More About Beard Hair Transplant Surgery

Beard hair transplant surgery offers an exciting solution for men whose facial hair growth is naturally sparse or patchy. It allows them to achieve full, dense hair growth that can be shaved, cut, groomed and styled, just like any other beard or moustache. The procedure works by filling out the beard using hair follicle grafts extracted from the patient’s body. The grafts are carefully positioned to follow natural hair growth patterns and to flatter the patient’s individual bone structure. Post-surgical healing is rapid, however, it takes several months for the final result to develop.

Vinci Hair Clinic – Experts in Facial Hair Transplant Surgery

When it comes to choosing a surgeon for facial hair restoration, only the best will do. This area is very visible and it takes immense skill to ensure that the result is undetectable from natural hair growth. Vinci Hair Clinic are the leaders when it comes to this type of surgery. They have performed hundreds of beard and moustache restoration procedures and are dedicated to providing a satisfying result for their clients. Vinci are proud to also offer eyelash hair transplant and eyebrow hair transplant procedures, which are ideal for anyone with concerns regarding these areas. You can get more information and customised advice by attending a free consultation with Vinci. Contact them now to get started and find out how you can transform your appearance with hair restoration surgery.