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What Are the Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Eyebrows don’t only play an important aesthetic role in one’s appearance but also protect our eyes by diverting droplets and sweat. Trends seem to show that bushy eyebrows are considered appealing, encouraging us to leave them to grow freely for added thickness or emphasize their darkness through makeup.

Seeing this trend emerge to frame our faces into shapes we’re proud of is really satisfying.

However, sometimes natural growth might not be enough to get thicker eyebrows shaped into the way we want them. Medical conditions can also be an impediment to achieving these shapes. So, we have to seek additional solutions if our eyebrows are thin and shedding hair.

Why Are You Losing Eyebrows?

Dr Amrendra Kumar, a dermatologist and hair transplant expert, states that “Eyebrow loss has a huge negative impact on facial features and has a huge psychological impact too. Restoration of eyebrows can be of great help in patients with eyebrow loss.”

He explains that this type of hair loss appears quite rarely, and it may result in full eyebrow loss when it’s caused by conditions such as frontal fibrosing alopecia, alopecia areata or trichotillomania.

Other causes of thin eyebrows might be medical conditions like congenital hypotrichosis, where the low density starts in childhood. However, it also occurs later in life in those people who contract medical conditions such as leprosy or hypothyroidism.

How Does Eyebrow Restoration Work?

Shape and density are two traits of the eyebrows that tend to be weakened. Through transplantations, you can easily restore eyebrow density and repair their shape. The method used for completing these transplantations resembles that used in traditional hair transplants.

The transplant surgeons transfer a certain number of hair grafts onto your thin or empty brow area. Then, these areas should then be populated with new strands grown from these grafts. Grafts are usually taken from temporal or parietal regions, and their transfer includes not only the individual strands of hair but also follicles. The process should last no more than three hours.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Eyebrow Transplantation?

Those who support eyebrow transplantations vouch for their effectiveness because the hair that grows belongs to you and isn’t artificial. Consequently, you can cherish your new look without having to use make-up fillings anymore.

However, there are some possible consequences of this procedure that we discuss below. It’s important to be aware that the procedure might not be suitable for those who seek instant results since the transplanted grafts will need 6-12 months to grow.

The Pros of Eyebrow Transplantations

  1. Since the transplanted follicles are taken from the client’s own body, they produce hair that is natural and consistent with the client’s appearance. Even though the hair used for grafts is typically taken from the scalp, even body hair may prove useful.
  2. No more make-up will be needed for added thickness, nor will other transplantations be required. After the transplantation is done the results are permanent, unlike microblading, for example.
  3. It effectively regulates the genetic eyebrow shapes and hides scars from incidents like burning or crashing.
  4. You will have truly thick eyebrows that not only add to your appearance but also protect you from sweating, waters droplets, small bits of debris and insects that might harm your eyes.

The Cons of Eyebrow Transplantations

  1. When grafts are taken from scalp hair, the new eyebrows might require trimming more often since the hair tends to grow quite long.
  2. Shape is another concern that comes with eyebrow transplantations. Since in most cases grafts aren’t taken from other eyebrow hair, their shape also grows differently from normal eyebrows. Trimming and applying gel will help redirect their shape to appear more natural.
  3. Since surgery is done while the patient is under the effects of anaesthesia, this can lead to an irregular design of the hair follicles due to the swelling. Precisely marking the transplantation area solves this issue.
  4. On rare occasions, clients might experience sepsis during or after the surgery, which if not treated carefully could turn into a larger infection. Therefore, it’s important to trust your eyebrow transplantation to a reputable clinic.


If you’re tired of applying make-up to the same eyebrow areas repeatedly, then a permanent solution that involves transplantation might end all your worries. However, it’s important that before undergoing any procedure, you consult with professionals who’ll check your medical history to see whether your skin and body can handle the transplantation.

Deciding to go for an eyebrow or hair transplantation requires research and consultation with experts before you decide to undergo surgery. We understand this is a challenging decision you cannot make in an instant. Therefore, Vinci Hair Clinic is currently offering free consultations with our hair experts. Book yours by contacting us!