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Five Tips for Healthier Haircare As Seasons Change

Like many things in life, beauty depends heavily on consistency. Rather than finding that one magical haircare method or remedy that you apply only once and which can keep your hair in a perfect style (it doesn’t exist), build a haircare routine with advice from experts and be consistent with it.

For example, take skincare. Almost all the skincare routines come with a structured routine for applying each product on a daily basis. The same thing goes for haircare. Building a haircare routine will ensure your hair remains in great condition. However, it’s worth mentioning that this routine needs changes from season to season.

Weather temperatures don’t only affect our skin but our hair as well. Sunrays cause the hair to be stiffer, frizzy and less luscious. Therefore, we must tweak our haircare routine to protect ourselves from these effects, and today we’re discussing five ways of doing this.

How to Maintain Healthy Hair In Changing Seasons

Seasonal changes require us to adapt our haircare routine otherwise it won’t be as effective at maintaining healthy hair. In winter our hair becomes more brittle and fragile, while in summer it’s more likely to be damaged and frizzy. The changes you have to make in your routine aren’t that complicated. They actually start with something simple.

  1. Picking Products Based on Your Hair

As seasons change, our hair goes through transitions too. The degree of these transitions depends on the condition of your hair and its type. Knowing your hair type is, therefore, essential in applying the right kind of treatment.

Instead of trying to fit as many hair products into your routine as you can just because of their excellent rating, step back and pick one or two that are truly suitable for your type of hair. Pay attention to the changes in your hair from season to season so that you can find that one product that solves your hair issues.

  1. Give Your Hair Natural Nourishment

Hair supplements and products are a must for ideal hair, but your haircare routine shouldn’t be based only on them. Natural treatment should also be a part of your routine, and this doesn’t have to be anything complicated, either.

Applying simple essential oils, massaging your scalp or putting on hair masks are just some of the things you can do from the comfort of your home. Moisturising your hair and taking care of your scalp stimulates the circulation of nourishing elements in your follicles, boosting growth while keeping your hair smooth and soft.

  1. Get Yourself Satin Pillowcases

We spend one-third of our life sleeping which means that our hair spends the same amount of time on a pillow. Cotton pillowcases can cause your hair to be frizzy in the morning as they make it difficult for hair to slip when you move.

Jessie Cheung, a certified dermatologist, states that satin pillowcases have a distinguishable effect in retaining moisture during sleep compared to traditional cotton pillowcases.  The latter could damage your hair strands because of the pressure they put on your hair as you move in your sleep. Satin pillowcases not only protect the hair but also give you a more peaceful sleep.

  1. Select Multipurpose Products

Ditch the idea that your hair needs tons of products to be perfectly healthy. You can provide your hair with the nourishment and vital elements it needs by selecting multipurpose haircare products. These tackle more than one hair issue and declutter your shelves.

This is a fantastic approach to better haircare for two main reasons: it requires less time, and it removes the need to purchase different products as seasons change. The future of beauty is characterised by minimalism, and this is one step towards it.

  1. Condition and Shampoo the Hair on Swimming Days

When we talk about extreme weather conditions, we’re either picturing a wintery day when we keep our hair covered, or hot summer days bathing in the sun. It’s normal to spend these hot days swimming in the sea or in pools. However, chemicals like chlorine might damage our hair if we’re not careful.

This doesn’t mean you should give up the fun. Simply remember to condition your hair before jumping into the water. It will reduce the amount of water entering your hair strands and prevent them from being damaged. Also, applying clarifying shampoo after you’re out will ensure your hair is totally free of harmful chemicals.


Seasons change and, as temperatures soar or plunge, some seasonal activities may pose challenges for our hair, including putting it in the way of harmful chemicals. We can reduce the effects of these factors by making simple changes to our daily routine and putting some time aside for a scalp massage or selecting more multipurpose products.

All these are supposed to strengthen our hair and protect us from hair loss. However, hair loss is sometimes inevitable, so we need to find other means of protecting our hair. Vinci Hair Clinic has helped thousands of people around the world to recover their beautiful appearance through specialised treatments and hair transplants. You can get a free consultation with one of our hair experts – get in touch and book your appointment today!