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Top Tips to Stop the Sun from Damaging Your Hair!

We all love the warm weather. But while we often focus on protecting our skin from the sun, we sometimes forget that our hair can also suffer from sun damage. Ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage, which can leave you with damaged, lacklustre locks. Worse still, prolonged and repeated exposure to the sun’s UV rays may damage the scalp, which can indirectly lead to hair loss. But fear not, there are ways to protect your hair while still enjoying the sunshine.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips for keeping your hair healthy and beautiful even under the hottest sun. Keep reading to find out more!

Hair Damage

The sun’s UV rays can damage your hair in different ways. First and foremost, exposure to the sun can cause your hair to become dry and brittle. That’s because the UV rays can penetrate the hair cuticle and attack the proteins that give your hair its strength and elasticity. As a result, your hair can become weak, prone to breakage and difficult to manage.

In addition, the sun can cause your hair to become discoloured. This is particularly true if you have colour-treated hair, as UV rays can cause the colour to fade or become brassy. Even if you don’t, the sun can cause your hair to become lighter or more yellow over time.

That’s why it’s important to take steps to protect your hair from the sun, just as you would protect your skin.Top of Form

Can Too Much Sun Cause Hair Loss?

While too much sun undoubtedly causes your hair to be dry and damaged, it is unlikely to directly cause hair loss. However, remember that your scalp plays an important role in hair health, as it provides the nutrients and oxygen needed for healthy hair growth. Sunburn on the scalp can damage hair follicles and cause oxidative stress, which can lead to hair shedding and thinning.

Other factors, such as genetics, hormone imbalances and stress, are bigger contributors to hair loss. Nevertheless, if you’re experiencing hair loss and have been spending a lot of time in the sun without adequate protection, it may be worth taking a break from the sun and following some of these top tips.

Top Tips

1. Wear a hat or scarf

Wearing a hat or scarf is still the best way of protecting your hair from the sun. Not only will the right headgear shield your hair from the sun’s harmful rays, but it can also be a stylish accessory. Wearing something on your head is particularly important if you’re planning to spend an extended amount of time in the sun.

2. Use a leave-in conditioner

To keep your hair moisturised and healthy, use a leave-in conditioner with sun protection factor (SPF). Clinical studies have shown that leave-in conditioners with UV filters can reduce hair damage by up to 75%. Additionally, leave-in conditioners can help detangle your hair, making it easier to comb through at the end of the day.

3. Limit heat styling

Heat styling tools like flat irons and curling irons can cause even more harm to hair already damaged by the sun. Try to limit your use of these tools as much as possible, and when you do use them, use a heat protectant spray to minimise damage. Instead, opt for natural, air-dried styles like braids or messy buns.

4. Rinse with cool water

After a day in the sun, be sure to rinse your hair with cool water. Hot water can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it even more dry and distressed. Rinsing with cool water can help seal the hair cuticle. This locks in moisture and prevents further damage. Additionally, rinsing with cool water can help soothe a sunburned scalp.

5. Use a hair mask

For extra hydration and nourishment, use a hair mask once a week. Look for a mask with ingredients like argan oil or shea butter, which can help repair and restore sun-damaged hair. Clinical studies have shown that regular use of hair masks can improve hair health and reduce breakage. Not only will a hair mask help repair any damage caused by the sun, but it can also help prevent future harm.


Protecting your hair from the sun is just as important as protecting your skin. So, wear a hat or scarf, use a leave-in conditioner with SPF, limit heat styling, rinse with cool water and use a hair mask. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy all the sun you want while keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy.

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