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Isn’t it About Time You Spoke to a Hair Specialist?

British actor and standup comedian, Jacob Hawley, penned an interesting article about hair loss recently. In it, he recounted his fear of going bald, a fear that has haunted him all his adult life. He has spent many years, and a huge sum of money, living in the shadow of this fear. And yet, he doesn’t know if he’s losing his hair or if he might go bald in the future. His story is by no means unusual. Many people are happy to admit that, while they’ve worried about hair loss for years, they’ve never got around to speaking with someone who might actually be able to shed light on their condition. Someone like…oh, I don’t know…a hair expert, maybe?

This article will look at some of the reasons why people delay going to see a hair specialist when they’re worried about hair loss.

Reasons for Reticence

Hair loss is a common concern for people of all ages, yet many delay speaking to a hair expert even when they fear they are losing their hair. It is important to understand the underlying reasons behind this reticence, as only then will we be able to address the issues effectively.

Firstly, there is still a stigma associated with hair loss. Many people perceive the condition as a sign of ageing or weakness and are ashamed or embarrassed to discuss it with others, including hair experts. This is particularly true for men, who may feel that their masculinity is threatened by the condition. One survey carried out in Spain revealed that 62% of male respondents experienced a loss of self-esteem following hair loss, with 43% admitting that it made them feel less attractive. This may lead them to avoid seeking professional help and instead turn to unproven remedies or concealment techniques like hats or hairpieces.

Another reason for delaying seeking expert advice is a lack of knowledge about the causes and treatments of hair loss. Many people are unaware of the different forms it takes or the available treatment options and may hesitate to consult a hair expert out of fear of being overwhelmed or misled. However, studies have shown that seeking expert advice early can help to slow or even reverse hair loss, so it is important to educate oneself about the issue in order to make informed decisions.

Fear of Side Effects

One should never lightly dismiss the fear that some folk have of embarking on any kind of formal treatment. That can be down to a fear of pain or discomfort or worries about the potential side effects of treatments. Many people are reluctant to undergo treatments like hair transplants or to take medication, fearing potential complications. However, it is important to note that the vast majority of hair loss treatments are safe and effective when used correctly and under the supervision of a hair expert. Seeking expert advice can help to alleviate these fears and provide reassurance that the chosen treatment is appropriate and safe.

Lastly, many people may delay seeking help because they underestimate the emotional impact of hair loss. Losing your hair can have a profound effect on one’s self-esteem, and may lead to depression, anxiety and social withdrawal. Putting off getting help can worsen these emotional effects and make it harder to address the issue. It is crucial, therefore, to prioritise one’s mental health and seek help early.

Money Matters

Financial concerns can also be a barrier to seeking expert advice. Some people may perceive hair loss treatment as expensive or unaffordable and may delay seeking help until the problem worsens. However, early intervention with hair loss treatments can be more cost-effective in the long run, as it may prevent the need for prolonged treatment over many years. If anyone needs evidence for that, Jacob Hawley is a case in point, as he outlined in his article.

Final Thoughts

People delay speaking to a hair expert about hair loss for many reasons. Stigma, lack of knowledge, financial concerns, fear of side effects and underestimating the emotional impact of hair loss are all factors that can prevent people from seeking help. However, it is important to overcome these barriers and prioritise seeking expert advice early. That way, you can address hair loss effectively. It is possible to slow, stop or even reverse hair loss, but not unless you speak with an expert first.

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