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Six Male Balding Myths We Should Talk About

Normally, men don’t worry about appearance, but balding is quite difficult to ignore. It has turned into such an issue that it could be a source of self-doubt and worthlessness. Haircare companies are the ones benefiting from this fear by producing ‘magical hair-growth serums’. However, these serums have little success in restoring or densifying hair follicles.

Hormones and genetic factors act as essential factors in male-pattern baldness (MPB). According to scientists, the male sex hormone, known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), contains the details of male characteristics and is responsible for optimal hair growth.

An excessive amount of DHT leads to a slower hair growth cycle, which prompts the need for chemicals and formulas to regulate this cycle.

Oftentimes, we blame our hair loss on simple things such as staying in the sun or wearing a hat. These are mostly myths that have circulated for too long, but today we are debunking some of them, and restoring that peace of mind you were lacking.

  1. Your Mum Is to Blame for Your Hair Loss!

Baldness is often attributed to chromosome X, which is inherited from females. This has led everyone into thinking that their mother is to blame for their hair loss. It is only partially true, however, since the genetic trait can remain hidden for generations before showing, and it is inheritable from both genders.

Finding the genetic cause of your baldness is difficult. We measure the severity of hair loss with the Norwood Scale, which consists of seven different levels. If your hair loss is at Level 2 but your father has dense hair, don’t blame the genetic inheritance from your mum immediately, as the trait might have stayed hidden for generations.

  1. Stress Causes Permanent Baldness

Considerable levels of stress might influence baldness. However, permanent baldness is often either hormonal or genetic. The hair loss that occurs during a stressful period, such as when you lose a job or a relative, is only temporary and that hair will restore itself.

Research has found that an increase in stress hormones affects the hair growth cycle, pausing it for a while. As a result, one experiences hair shedding when going through a stressful period. Stress influences not only a hormonal change but also the physical pulling of hair. However, stress can’t cause an immediate or permanent hair loss if you control it.

  1. Baldness Is Caused by Sun Exposure

Spending too much time exposed to the sun can damage your skin, but it has a low impact on your hair loss. Long periods spent on a sunbed can cause your hair to be lighter, more brittle and lose its volume.

Moderate exposure to the sun might prove beneficial to brightening your hair since it supplies it with Vitamin D. If you are going to be out in the sun for long periods, consider using a conditioning mask. This affords your hair some protection, but you don’t have to worry about sun exposure leading to MPB.

  1. Wearing Hats for Too Long Causes Hair to Thin

A common myth has it that wearing hats, and tight hats in particular, can cause hair loss. The truth is that tight hats limit the flow of blood into hair follicles and might lead a few strands to shed, but they don’t cause permanent hair loss.

Keep in mind that none of the external causes such as badly applied bleaching, heated styling tools, or pressure from pulling it (known as traction alopecia), can cause permanent baldness. Only genetic factors cause permanent baldness. Maintain a healthier haircare routine, but you don’t have to stop wearing hats.

  1. Washing Your Hair Too Often Leads to Hair Loss

We often notice hair fall when we’re showering. It is accepted that massaging shampoos or applying pressure when washing our hair can cause a few hairs to fall, leading us to blame washing for hair loss.

However, shedding hair when washing or drying your hair is completely normal and not to be feared (unless it’s occurring in large amounts). It’s actually beneficial to rid your hair of any damaged locks in this way. Therefore, keep shampooing and washing your hair normally, as it is unlikely to cause permanent hair loss.

  1. Baldness Can Be Caused by Too Much Testosterone

Testosterone levels in themselves are not directly related to MPB. However, what might prompt hair loss is the hormone produced by testosterone, DHT, as mentioned above, and produced by the 5α-reductase enzyme. However, testosterone does not cause permanent hair loss.


Temporary hair shedding can be mistaken for MPB, but many links to baldness, such as wearing tight hats or staying out in the sun, are just myths. Moderating your hair washing routine and wearing looser hats may prevent some temporary hair loss.

If you notice a worrying increase in hair falling, it’s best to consult with an expert. Vinci Hair Clinic is a world leader in hair restoration practices. We offer a free consultation to all our clients, so get in touch and book your appointment today!