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Understanding How Hair Toners Can Help Your Hair

Hair toner was once a mystery to those outside the beauty industry and threw up so many questions. Do I need to use toner before getting my hair dyed? Why am I charged more when my hair needs to be toned? How often should I have my hair toned? Keep on reading to get the answers to these and other questions!

What Is Hair Toner?

Any product that alters the colour of your hair qualifies as a hair toner. This includes tinted conditioners, shampoos, demi-permanent and semi-permanent dyes and varnishes. All these products contain substances that allow you to change the colour of your hair. Typically, toners should last four or five weeks before they require reapplication.

What Is The Function Of Hair Toner?

Most hair contains orange and red pigment hues. When you bleach your hair, the bleach must pass through all those pigments to remove the colour. Depending on how long you keep the bleach in, your hair might still have unpleasant brassy undertones. That’s where a hair toner can help.

Hair toner works by modifying the undertone of your hair. It won’t entirely change your hair colour, but it will allow you to control the hue of your naturally blonde or lightened strands. In a word, hair toners help you obtain shinier, healthier hair by neutralising undesirable warm or brassy tones.

When Is It Appropriate To Use Hair Toners?

You’ll need a great toner to neutralise undesirable undertones whenever you use bleach on your sensitive strands. You can tone your bright yellow or golden hair to a more natural-looking dusty, ashy blonde. They can even save your life if your bleaching operation has gone seriously wrong. In modifying the tint, apply hair toner to specific regions such as highlights or roots. The challenge to getting the hue you want is to get the proper toner.

What Kind Of Toner Do You Need?

Natural and bleached blondes with strong yellow or golden overtones can often help tone down undesirable warm tones. The purple neutralises warm, brassy tones, resulting in a more incredible, more natural-looking blonde. Purple shampoos might not be sufficient if you’re going through a more drastic colour shift. If your bleach treatment is a brassy orange lock, you may require a more vital, ammonia-based toner.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Hair Toner?

Toners are excellent multi-purpose products with a wide range of uses. They renew and improve tone, provide hair colour dimension and erase discolouration. Toners also thicken hair by forming a protective barrier around the threads and refilling the shaft to regulate porosity. Finally, toners increase volume and gloss by lifting the hair cuticle and sealing it to produce reflection and sparkle.

Can You Use A Toner At Home?

If you require extensive colour work, you should always consult a professional. Going outside your ‘hair colour family’ with any colour product at home can drastically screw up your colour. However, you can do toning at home if you’re cautious. All you need is to understand the whole process of hair toning.

In doing this, you must mix a little shampoo with the toner to dissolve it and spread it throughout your hair. Remember that toner is safe to use at home if you follow the directions. Conduct a little patch test at the nape of your neck with a small, hidden chunk of hair. This will help to determine if you’re allergic or sensitive to the solution.

What Items Can You Use At Home To Tone Your Hair?

Consider leave-in toning drops if you’re thinking of toning your hair at home. To make a toner, combine the purple pigment drops with any of your regular haircare products, such as shampoos, conditioners, or creams. For at-home toning, it’s also advisable to use glosses. They’re not as intense or pigmented as what you’d find in a salon.


Hair toner is a solution applied to the hair after it’s been bleached or lightened using harsh chemicals. Because the toner does not raise or permanently alter hair colour, it works best on light hair. It lends a tone to it. It can also assist you in achieving pure platinum blonde hair, silver hair, or a variety of pastel hair hues. Astonishingly, very few people know toning hair is a key to producing gorgeous and vibrant hair colours.

If you still have unanswered questions about hair toners or hair colouring, the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We’re also here if you have concerns about hair loss or thinning. Get in touch today to book your complimentary consultation session!