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What You Need To Know About Nasturtium Extract For Healthier Hair

Keratin pops up regularly in discussions about how to get smooth, lustrous hair. You might be thinking that it’s some new hair treatment, but keratin is a fibrous protein that makes up roughly 90% of a hair strand. Keratin-boosting treatments are popular in many clinics, but some of these use strong chemicals to achieve their effect. If you’re searching for a natural alternative, take a look at nasturtium extract.

Nasturtiums are vibrantly coloured plants that can be found in gardens all over the world. The plant’s extract is derived mostly from the leaves and stems and is high in various nutrients, like sulphur. Nasturtium extract is good for your scalp, skin and hair. This article will take a detailed look at its many benefits and how it is used.

What Is Nasturtium Extract?

Nasturtium extract is high in Vitamins A, C and E. It also contains flavonoids, which are beneficial to skin and scalp health. These super-compounds protect the general health of the hair against the sun’s rays and other environmental aggressors.

How To Use It

Nasturtium extract can be used in various ways on the hair, including mixing it into shampoo or employing it as a mask treatment. It can also be used from roots to ends to treat both the hair and the scalp.

Even though it’s a natural product, nasturtium extract can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, so it’s always best to rinse it out after each use to minimise the chances of a reaction. Nasturtium extract shampoos can be used almost every day, but masks should only be used once or twice a week.

Is It Suitable For Everyone?

According to experts, nasturtium extract is suitable for all hair types, as well as significantly damaged, dyed or thin hair. The extract’s strengthening qualities can help anyone suffering breakage, while those with greasy scalps or dandruff may gain even more from this extract.

Nasturtium extract should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women, nor is it a suitable product for children. It might trigger a response in people prone to allergic reactions generally or who are allergic to specific plants. If you’re suffering from hair loss, you should consult a doctor to determine what’s causing it before starting any new treatment.

Benefits Of Using Nasturtium Extract For Hair

Nasturtium extract is rich in plant chemicals that are good for hair strength, collagen synthesis and scalp health. We’ve already seen that it is high in vitamins, minerals, sulphur and flavonoids. These super-nutrients maintain and strengthen hair. They also protect the skin, scalp and hair from UV damage. Other benefits of the extract include the following:

It Strengthens And Repairs The Hair

Nasturtium extract strengthens keratin sulphur bonds and restores dry, brittle, or fragile hair. Since keratin accounts for more than 90% of a hair strand, this makes it a pretty useful product, particularly if you are experiencing hair damage.

It Reduces Inflammation In The Scalp

Nasturtium extract is a natural clarifier that clears the scalp of the fungus and bacteria that cause inflammation. The extract also contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that are so good for the scalp and which contribute to your general hair health.

It Helps Stop Hair Thinning

Hair breaking is a common cause of hair thinning and hair loss. Used regularly, nasturtium extract helps prevent thinning by boosting the hair’s keratin.

It May Promote Hair Growth

A healthy scalp provides a good foundation for hair development. Nasturtium extract helps promote healthy hair growth by reducing inflammation and delivering essential nutrients. By restoring the health of your hair, the extract contributes to the development of new hair growth.


Nasturtium extract feeds your hair by giving it the minerals and vitamins it needs to be healthy. It strengthens keratin sulphur bonds and restores dry and brittle hair. It also contains important antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components that make a huge contribution to the overall health of your scalp and hair. If you haven’t yet started using nasturtium extract regularly, isn’t it time you gave it a try?

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