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Losing Hair In Your Dreams: Should You Be Worried?

Hair means different things to various people. For some, it symbolises strength, virility, or physical attraction. For others, it may have a vital religious and cultural significance. Regardless of its meaning to you, dreaming about your hair falling out is often not a good sign.

If you place great value on your hair, dreaming of losing it or going bald can be horrifying. Such a nightmare can cause worry and have you ruminating over its meaning for days. It can make you wonder whether you should take extra care of your locks or if it’s an indication of something more serious.

What It Means When Hair Falls Out In Your Dreams

It may not even have anything to do with your hair care routine. Instead, it can be related to your feelings, emotions and state of mind, so the meaning of the dream may depend on your circumstances. If you’re curious, we’ve explored the potential meaning of your hair falling out in dreams.

Battling Self-esteem

Self-esteem refers to how you value and perceive yourself. Since it’s often closely related to your body image, it can bring down your self-esteem if you’re unhappy with how you look. You may tend to compare yourself with your peers and constantly fear that others are scrutinising you.

People with low self-esteem may appear unattractive in their dreams because their brain manifests how they see themselves, or how they think others perceive them. So, hair loss or excessive shedding in your dream can be a reflection of the way you think you appear to other people.

Fear Of Ageing

Hair loss is a common, visible sign of ageing, one that’s not easy to disguise. Since many people find ageing a frightening prospect, going bald or losing hair in a dream can reflect your fear of ageing. Moreover, unlike wrinkles and fine lines that you can conceal with makeup or skincare, hair loss or thinning isn’t as easy to hide. You can wear a hat or use a scarf to cover your balding head, but that isn’t always convenient. Hair loss as a sign of ageing is compounded, therefore, by a sense of powerlessness to do anything about it.

Declining Health

Dream experts who strongly believe in the connection between mind and body claim that losing hair in dreams symbolises poor health. It could be that your health is deteriorating significantly, or you’re dealing with a nutritional deficiency due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet.

In contrast, having smooth and shiny hair indicates good health. Your hair can let you or your doctor know if you’re stressed, have a thyroid problem, nutritional imbalance, or other issues. Therefore, that nightmare about your hair falling out could be a warning to pay attention to your health.

Lack Of Power Or Control

We all like to be in control of our lives but as we enter old age, this control starts to slip. Inevitably, we become more dependent on others.

The feeling of power and control slipping away can be frustrating and frightening for many people. These fears around lack of control can often be reflected in dreams about hair loss.

Dealing With Stress

Frequent dreams about going bald or losing hair are also a red flag for stress in your life. Typical stressors include relationship issues, losing a loved one, moving to a new place, or changing roles at work or school. These factors can cause sleep difficulties and even nightmares. The good news is that your sleep is likely to improve once you learn to manage stress, which should also see a decrease in the dreams reflecting your anxiety.

Life Transformation

Dreaming of hair loss doesn’t always signify something bad or negative. Sometimes it’s an indication of a more positive change in life or a personal transformation.

Hair shedding in a dream can reflect that you’re ready to move on from a bad situation or to let go of the inhibitions and fears that have been holding you back. It can signify that you’re ready to accept your mistakes and imperfections and move on with greater self-confidence.


Just as hair loss is a normal part of life and isn’t always a cause of concern, losing hair in your dreams doesn’t always mean there’s something to worry about. Dreams have many meanings so they can be difficult to interpret. However, if you’re having recurring dreams about hair loss, it might be a good time to think about what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you about your life.

Whatever your dreams are saying about your hair, in real life you need professional help to deal with hair loss. Vinci Hair Clinic can assist with every aspect of hair loss, from diagnosis to finding the treatment that suits you. Call today and book your free, no-obligation consultation!