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Everything You Need To Know About The ‘Wonder Water’ Trend

No matter your hair type, it often comes with a list of frustrating problems that require immediate attention. For example, it may be too dry, prone to breakage, easily damaged, or excessively oily. There are also issues with thinning, hair loss, split ends, frizz, knots and tangles. Thankfully, the beauty world never runs out of solutions for these kinds of hair issues.

One of the newest innovations in the haircare industry is lamellar technology. It’s a liquid formula with a texture similar to water but which turns into a light foam once applied to wet hair. It also stands out from other conventional rinse-out treatments due to its transformative effects, ideal for dehydrated and damaged hair. Read on to learn more about lamellar water technology, its benefits and how to use it.

Important Facts About Wonder Water

Imagine having silky, glossy and manageable hair with a fresh-from-the-salon finish. Normally, that’s something you achieve only after hours with your hairdresser, but it’s now possible with lamellar technology. This wonder water magic gives instant results, providing you with lightweight and sleek-looking locks in next to no time.

Wonder water is a repairing and conditioning rinse-out treatment that works in a few seconds. It aims to transform hair immediately, creating a shiny, smooth and healthy-looking appearance. It also contains a unique blend of lightweight formulas for an unparalleled flawless finish.

How Does It Work?

The wonder water treatment has a targeted delivery system that deposits concentrated active ingredients, including proteins, moisturising agents and amino acids, to repair your strands. The formula spreads throughout the hair, but it distributes its essential ingredients in ultra-thin layers that penetrate hair cuticles easily.  Therefore, instead of over-coating your mane, the treatment focuses on where the damage occurs.

Unlike your conditioner or hair mask, wonder water targets the parts of the hair where it’s needed. Delivering active ingredients to specific areas that need extra TLC prevents your hair from feeling heavy and weighed down.

What Hair Types Should Use Wonder Water?

The lamellar wonder water treatment works for any hair type, including fine, thick, wavy and coily hair. However, it is more beneficial for dry, brittle and damaged hair, whether due to chemical treatments or a naturally dry texture.

Since the treatment delivers nourishing and hydrating ingredients to specific areas on your strands, wonder water may also be ideal for bleached or coloured hair. That’s because hair that’s been chemically dyed or lightened is often dehydrated and screaming for moisture. Using lamellar water hair treatment regularly can help restore the shine and strength of your mane.

The Wonder Water 4-Step Process

If you’ve decided to add wonder water treatment into your routine, amazing things await your hair! Here are some tips to ensure you get the job done right.

Begin With Shampoo

Hop in the shower and cleanse your scalp and strands using a shampoo formulated for your hair type.

Apply The Wonder Water Treatment

Gently squeeze out (or use a microfibre towel) any excess water from your hair and apply the product directly to your locks. Make sure it coats your hair thoroughly, focusing on the mid-length and ends of your hair. Let the magic happen by waiting for a few seconds before rinsing it out of your hair.

Although lamellar water does not have a creamy consistency, it may lather slightly, creating a light foam. Also, remember that the amount of treatment you use will depend on the length of your hair and its texture. Most bottles of lamellar water have small lines indicating the measurement of one application.

Condition Your Hair

No haircare system is complete without the application of conditioner. Treatments and hair masks may allow you to skip the conditioner. Still, it remains an essential step for wonder water solutions. It is especially true if your hair is too dry or damaged and requires extra conditioning. However, if your hair gets greasy frequently, it may be a good idea to hop out of the shower after applying lamellar water.

Dry Your Strands With A T-shirt

Did you know that hair drying with a cotton t-shirt is better than towel-drying your hair? That’s because your cotton shirt is gentler on your mane, making it more beneficial for protecting the strands you’re trying to revive and repair.

If you don’t have time, you can also blow-dry your hair. You’ll also be able to see the result of the treatment by giving yourself a blowout. Just make sure you apply a heat protectant or keep the heat at a minimum level to avoid further damage.


There’s no doubt that lamellar technology is one of the greatest haircare innovations today. Since the treatment is water-based, you don’t have to worry about product build-up even if you use it every day. Having glossy, bouncy and healthy-looking hair will be your reward as you follow the wonder water trend by including the treatment in your routine.

Hairstyling can sometimes contribute to hair damage and eventual loss. Vinci Hair Clinic can help resolve hair loss issues as well as other problems you may be experiencing with your hair. Take advantage of our offer of a complimentary consultation and start your hair rehab today!