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Here’s How To Choose The Right Hairstyle For Your Zodiac Sign!

Some people look to lunar patterns and the stars for guidance on career, love and health. Did you know, however, that you can rely on your zodiac sign to pick a new hairstyle? That’s right! Your star sign can inspire the style or haircut that will reveal your personality. You never know; it might lead you to a great look you haven’t tried or considered before.

Even if you already know which style works for you, it won’t hurt to experiment. Besides, it’s always a bit of fun to use your astrological sign to help you make decisions, even if it’s for something as routine as choosing a new hairstyle. So, if you’re ready for a unique styling experience, allow the stars to glam you up with the best hairstyle for your sign.


When it comes to personality, Arians are ambitious and bold. Since it is the first sign of the zodiac, it’s not surprising that they love to be number one. That’s why you’ll usually find them leading the beauty trend. So, when it comes to hairstyles, vibrant colours will represent your sign perfectly. You can also go all-in and pick a bold combination for a two-tone pastel look.


Taureans are dependable, well-grounded and practical, so an extravagant style may not suit you. For the zodiac’s great stabiliser, a simple hairstyle like a sleek ponytail or a loose bun matches their personality. If you’ve been doing a lot of heat styling, this may be a good time to embrace your natural texture.


This air sign enjoys various things and loves so many pursuits, so don’t be afraid to experiment, whether you want to go big with those voluminous curls and fringe or rock a stunning Dutch braid. For someone curious and always on the go, you can pull off any style, whether tied back, silky straight or a tousled lob.


Cancerians may not be as experimental as other signs, but they are undoubtedly romantic. That’s why those glossy waves, bouncy curls and even your wind-swept layers will always work. They create an elegant look for any occasion, just perfect for Cancerians.


Embrace your royal status by adding adorable accessories to your hair. Whether it’s a tiny crystal hairpin, a floral chain, a headband or simply a unique floral scarf, it will undoubtedly make you stand out.


Virgos are systematic, practical and logical, so a no-fuss hairstyle is the right way to go. Nothing too fancy does the job; a ballerina bun or a high half-ponytail will look divine, whether you’re styling for a formal dinner or a casual ceremony.


Balance, harmony and symmetry are the primary focus of Librans, so don’t go for anything too extravagant or too plain. Vintage hairstyles work well, but choose something not too glam, like a simple French twist. If you want to look casual yet still appear elegant, a messy bun can do the trick.


It’s no secret that Scorpio is one of the bravest and most passionate zodiac signs. That’s why you need a hairstyle that’s simple but with an edge. Short styles like an edgy pixie, for instance, are ideal for the sign due to its alluring nature. They will bring out your sexy and fierce personality!


Sagittarius is adventurous, free-spirited and optimistic, so it only makes sense to have a hairstyle that matches that fun and exciting nature. You don’t want anything too structured or formal but a style that’s playful and versatile. Don’t hesitate to experiment, no matter what hair length or texture you have. Grab your favourite styling product or enjoy your natural texture.


A blunt bob cut is sophisticated, chic and sleek, just like Capricorns. Capricorns are focused, hardworking and like to spend their energy fulfilling tasks. They can also be straightforward and blunt, which is why the classic, yet bold, look of a bob cut is a perfect fit for you.


With your eccentric, playful and fun-loving nature, there’s no doubt long beachy waves will look great on you. Aquarians are also daring, so we’re sure you’ll be able to pull off a pixie cut, which never goes out of style. If you want something fun and stylish, add a bubble ponytail to your list.


Pisceans, you need a unique hairstyle that reflects your creative, artistic personality. This style should be versatile enough to show off your imaginative side, like a layered look with a curtain fringe. There are different ways to style your curtain fringe, so you’re free to explore. You can also put the up half of your hair in a braid, ponytail or bun while you style the bottom half in any way you desire.


There are many attractive hairstyles to choose from, no matter what zodiac sign you were born under. Whether it’s bobs, ponytails, curls or buns, your star sign can inspire you on the hairstyle to try.

Sometimes your hairstyle of choice can lead to hair damage and loss. If you’re experiencing hair loss or thinning and are concerned that your hairstyle may be a contributory factor, Vinci Hair is here to help. Book your complimentary consultation with us today and give your hair the attention it deserves.