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How To Restore Your Hair’s Lustre After The Summer Heat

Before you go out in the sun, you know you should take precautions to protect your skin from UV damage. But how about your hair? The heat can zap moisture from your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy and more prone to damage. The summer season can be hard on your strands in other ways too. In addition to harsh elements that can strip your strands of valuable natural oil, the high humidity in the air may settle on your hair, weigh it down and cause it to appear limp and lifeless.

So, how can you deal with those hair hazards and still enjoy the exciting summer? Fortunately, the key to bringing your strands back to life is pretty straightforward. It may require a few changes to your hair care routine, but the result will surprise you.

7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Hot Summer Heat

Exposure to sunlight can dry your hair out and leave it in dire need of rehydration. So, don’t deprive your strands and scalp of the extra nourishment they need this summer. The following tips will prepare your hair for the hot season and keep it shiny and bouncy all summer long.

Use Sun Protection

Let’s start with the basics. Before participating in any outdoor events, make sure you protect your hair from the scorching summer sun by applying UV protection. Use hair care products that contain a decent amount of sun protection factor (SPF). You can also find gel, spray and cream formulas with UV filters to shield your hair from sun damage while keeping your coloured hair from fading.

Keep It Moisturised

You might notice your hair becoming drier and frizzier in the hot season. Unfortunately, this problem can worsen for those with textured hair, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the summer fun. You need to help your mane restore some of its moisture by using a moisturising conditioner. If you want to provide your curls with extra nourishment and more definition, applying hair masks can leave your locks smoother and more manageable.

Always Rinse After A Swim

Saltwater, chlorine and other chemicals in pools can wreak havoc on your hair. So, even if you’re unable to wash your hair using shampoo and conditioner, at least try to rinse with fresh water every time you swim. You don’t want the damaging chemicals sitting on your hair a moment longer than they need to be there, so make sure to rinse them away the first chance you get.

Skip Heat Styling

Just because you’re not swimming or dipping into the pool doesn’t mean your strands are safe from damage. Even a few moments in the sun can leave your hair feeling scorched, and the situation can get a lot worse if you’re using heat products to style your hair. So, give your hair a break from curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers. Instead, wash it at night and style it in a braid or loose bun to wake up with nice beachy waves.

Protect Your Hair Colour

The hot summer sun can do various things to your hair colour, whether it’s chemically treated or your natural shade. Saltwater and chlorine can also affect the keratin in your hair, giving it a lighter appearance. To maintain your hair colour and refresh your colour-treated hair, use a treatment or formula that will keep your colour sealed while protecting it from sun damage.

Go Easy On Chemical Hair Treatments

If you haven’t changed the colour of your hair but are planning to do so, it may be best to postpone it until the summer months are over. Summer is already harsh on your strands, so performing chemical treatments may do more harm than good.

Pay Attention To Your Bedtime Hair Care Routine

Nighttime is repair and restoration time for your body, skin and hair. It’s the ideal time to correct the wrongs of the day and prepare for the challenges your strands will experience the following day.

In the evening, when you can take your time and won’t feel rushed, wash it thoroughly with moisturising shampoo and conditioner. Then, hydrate your hair and treat it with a dry hair treatment, or use a conditioning mask after shampoo to penetrate your hair shaft, focusing on areas that can benefit from extra love.


Summer is undoubtedly a season of fun, whether you’re relaxing on the beach, enjoying pool parties or attending festivals. There certainly isn’t a shortage of outdoor activities to do in summer. But before you go out, make sure your hair is ready to tackle the summer heat. Now is the time to give your strands some TLC and restore their lustre and bounce.

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