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Holiday Hair Tips – 6 Ways To Look After Your Hair On Vacation

The holiday season is always one of the best times of the year. For many people, it means getting a break from work or school and being with friends and family. But the fun usually starts as you shop for vacation outfits and travel gear for your upcoming getaway. Haircare often takes a back seat, unfortunately, something you may well regret later.

So, when preparing for your dream vacation, make sure you leave enough room in your suitcase for all your haircare essentials. You don’t want a bad hair day to ruin your beach holiday photos, so careful planning and preparation are crucial. Here are some of our valuable tips to help you have great hair days all summer long!

Get A Trim

Make an appointment with your hairdresser to have your ends trimmed before your trip. Getting an inch or two cut off will instantly freshen up your hair and make your strands look and feel more manageable. Also, thinner ends are more prone to damage and are vulnerable to saltwater, chlorine and the sun. By removing them before you travel, you eliminate any worries about split ends and frizzy strands at the pool or beach.

Protect Your Strands And Scalp

You may be diligent about applying sunscreen to your skin, but don’t forget your hair and scalp need sun protection too. That’s why a UV defence spray or hair cream with a UV filter is a must to keep your tresses looking healthy and luscious throughout summer. You may also apply nourishing hair oil before heading to the beach in the morning to protect your strands from sea salt, the sun, or any chemical in the pool.

Your scalp is highly prone to sunburn, especially if you have thin hair. Not only will this create an uncomfortable and sometimes painful sensation, but your scalp may also begin to peel. Make sure you cover your hair with a scarf or wear a wide-brimmed hat when going out. This is particularly important if you have coloured tresses or chemically-treated hair. We also recommend using aloe vera gel to soothe your scalp.

Switch To A Nourishing Haircare System

Another essential act while you’re away is to keep your haircare system up-to-date. So, don’t forget to pack a nutrient-rich shampoo and a moisturising conditioner that will keep your locks smooth and soft despite the sun’s drying effects. While chilling by the pool or relaxing in a hammock, you can also treat your hair with a nourishing intensive mask. You can continue using this after your return home to help replenish any lost moisture.

Always Condition Your Hair Before Swimming

Seawater and chlorine are probably the last things you want your hair soaked in, as they can wreak havoc on your stands. That doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun at the beach simply because you’re afraid of what those elements in the water could do to your hair. By taking a few haircare measures, you can fully enjoy your vacation without being afraid of the consequences to your hair.

Splashing your hair with clean water and then conditioning it before taking a dip will help hugely. Wearing a hydrating conditioner under your swimming cap can also provide a conditioning treatment to avoid dryness. It coats your strands with an extra barrier against chlorinated water.

Leave The Hot Styling Tools At Home

Some things should be left at home when you go on holiday. Top of that list are all your cares and worries! Not far behind are your hot styling tools. Using heat during the summer season is a big no-no. The holiday is a perfect time to give your strands a break from intense heat and embrace your natural texture.

Instead of using a straightener, use a lightweight weather control hairspray to tame your frizzy hair and flyaways. It’s a great product to use, especially on humid days when keeping hair straight and manageable can be a daunting task.

Wear Your Braids On Vacation

If you’re like most travellers, you won’t want to spend too much time worrying about your hair. That being the case, braided hairstyles will not leave you disappointed. You can try different gorgeous braiding styles and techniques, from box braids to a simple braided ponytail. They are versatile, practical and undeniably stunning, allowing you to achieve the best looks from your hair to toe.


Taking care of your hair on vacation isn’t that difficult if you know what to do. It may require a bit of thought and careful preparation, but it’s worth the extra effort. Make sure you follow these holiday haircare tips to ensure that you don’t arrive home with dried-out and damaged hair!

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