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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Conditioner?

While most people have successfully managed their hair during the lockdown, it’s been a struggle for others. Without your favourite stylist to check on your hair and offer handy hints, it has maybe lost some of its lustre. Perhaps you are even making fundamental mistakes when it comes to daily hair care. What if you’ve recently changed your hair products or still haven’t found the right one yet? This article will let you in on a few conditioner mistakes you might not even realise you’re making.

Mistake #1 – Skipping Conditioner Altogether

You may think you’re just saving time by not conditioning your hair on hair washing days, but are you doing more harm than good? Just as you wouldn’t dream of not applying moisturiser after cleansing, conditioners should always follow shampoo. Here’s why. Shampoo cleans your hair by eliminating dirt and sebum from your hair and scalp. This cleansing process strips your hair of moisture and protective oils. A conditioner will restore moisture to your hair, preventing dry ends and making your hair smooth. A word to the wise; never skip conditioning your hair.

Mistake #2 – More Is Not Always Better

Using just the right amount of conditioner will do more for your hair than slathering on half a bottle of product post-shampooing. If you have fine strands, you’ll need to be conservative with the amount of conditioner you use. One or two fifty-pence-sized dollops will do the job in most hair types, depending on the length, of course. When you use too much hair product, you may notice your hair is heavy and lacking volume.

Mistake #3 – Applying Conditioner To Your Roots

The mid-lengths to the ends of your hair need conditioner the most, and that’s where you should apply it. The ends are typically drier than the rest of your hair and require conditioning to restore moisture.

If your roots appear greasy and feel weighed down, the typical cause is that you’re applying conditioner to your scalp.

Once you change tack and start conditioning from mid-lengths to the ends, your hair will suddenly feel lighter and look less greasy.

Mistake #4 – Not Using A Leave-In Conditioner

Your hair wash routine shouldn’t end with a conditioner. Are you struggling to keep your hair moist and soft throughout the day? It may be missing a simple component, namely, the leave-in conditioner. Adding this single item to your daily routine can transform dull, lifeless and dry hair into smooth, glowing strands.

Mistake #5 – Rinsing The Conditioner Off Too Early

Conditioner requires time to act if you’re to reap the fantastic benefits it offers. In a rush to get your shower done and be out the door in time for work, you may not be leaving the conditioner in your hair long enough for it to work effectively. Follow the instructions on the bottle, making sure you leave the conditioner in for the stated time, typically three to five minutes.

Mistake #6 – Deep Conditioning Is A Foreign Concept

If you’ve never deep-conditioned, then you’re missing a trick. Deep conditioning amps up your regular conditioner and delivers a boost in moisture. Deep conditioning products will leave your hair feeling softer, and some will get to work in just a minute.

If your hair is feeling particularly dry, perhaps because you’ve been swimming or spending time in the sun, reach for a deep conditioner to revitalise your hair.

Mistake #7 – You Don’t Rinse Enough

If you’re suffering from build-up, then perhaps you’re not rinsing all the conditioner out when you wash your hair. A common sign of leftover conditioner is heavy, lifeless hair which appears greasy and dirty. When most people notice this, they make the mistake of using even more conditioner, making the problem worse. Rinse your hair thoroughly so that you get as much of the conditioner out of your hair as possible.

Mistake #8 – Mismatching Shampoo And Conditioner

Everyone knows how to use shampoo and conditioner, right? However, one of the most common mistakes women make is mismatching their shampoo and conditioner.

You might think any shampoo will work in a pair with a random conditioner, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Product developers create coordinating shampoo and conditioner pairs to produce the best results.

Always pick your conditioner to go with the right shampoo. If you’re fighting an oily scalp, make sure you choose a conditioner that purifies the scalp while retaining moisture.


We hope you haven’t been making too many of these mistakes when it comes to washing your hair. They’re so easy to make, especially when you’re rushing to get your hair ready and forget to rinse your hair clean. They are also just as easy to rectify by following the instructions on the bottle, pairing shampoo and conditioner correctly and keeping conditioner off your roots.

Vinci Hair Clinic can offer professional dermatologist support with scalp and hair health. If you’re looking to change your hair product but are unsure about the replacement, or if you’re struggling with hair loss, Vinci Hair can help. Get in touch today and book a free consultation with a dermatologist or hair loss specialist!