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Here’s How You Can Help Your Hair Survive Through Winter

Winter is here, so hunker down for the next few cold months ahead. If you’re like most women, you’ll be using lots of moisturiser this season, as the cold, dry weather can ruin your skin.


It’s no surprise that winter can be harsh on your skin, but have you ever thought about how it can affect your hair? Here’s everything you need to know about getting your hair through the winter months.

Why Is Winter So Bad For Hair?

There’s no escape for your hair in winter. Wind and chilly air steal its moisture, resulting in twists. However, working at your desk can feel like sitting under a hairdryer, such is the heat inside some offices. All of this dry air causes frizz, damage and split ends.


As if that wasn’t enough, caps, scarves and jackets have heat-insulating material. They make your body cosy, but they grab and pull at your hair, causing strands to break all over the place. Indoors or outside, your hair is under attack from all sides. However, you don’t need to hide away until the weather is pleasant once more. You can make your tresses strong and healthy throughout the winter with the appropriate techniques and routine.

What Effect Does Winter Weather Have On Your Hair?

While many women have direct experience of the effects of heat and humidity on their hair, some are unaware that cold conditions can be equally harmful. Cold, dry air can cause the cuticle of a hair strand to lift just a little. As a result, moisture has no chance of remaining within the hair shaft.


This explains why so many women end up dealing with breakage and annoying frizz during this cold season. High winds can rob the hair of hydration during the dry winter months. This is particularly true for those with thick, wavy or long hair. Hair becomes more readily hooked and twisted when there are strong winds. The pulling action of the comb when brushing and detangling your hair might cause further damage.

Five Ways To Protect Your Hair From Winter

During the winter, your hair’s worst enemies are cold weather, dryness and wind. Now is the time to go over a few easy but highly effective hair-protection tips that will ensure your tresses remain beautiful and healthy.

Moisturise Your Hair Regularly

If your hair is susceptible to breakage at this time of year, switching to a moisturising shampoo and conditioner is a great idea. A moisturising shampoo will repair your hair while also preserving some of the natural oils produced by your scalp. It helps keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Long after you get out of the shower, a leave-in conditioner will help to nurture your locks.

Trim Your Hair Often

Let’s face it, split ends are unavoidable. No matter how diligently you take care of your hair or what products you apply, you’re bound to experience a few split ends at some point. Getting your hair cut regularly can keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Hair should be cut every eight weeks, on average. During the colder months, however, you should wait no longer than six weeks between trims. So, if you want to make it through the winter, make sure to keep your hair in good shape.

Keep Travel-Size Items Close By

Even if you leave home with perfect hair on a winter’s day, the odds are that it won’t stay that way. That’s why keeping travel-size versions of your essential styling items in your purse is such an excellent idea. Even on the windiest days, you can manage those annoying flyaways and spritz hair back into place this way. A little bottle of moisturising hair serum, such as argan oil, goes a long way to giving your hair lustre and smoothness while preserving it from damage. Keep these travel-size bottles with you at all times!

Protect Your Hair Against Heat Damage

Heat damage, believe it or not, may be just as big a threat to your hair in winter as it is in summer. That’s because your hair is also prone to various other harmful factors. So, what can you do to keep your hair safe from heat damage? Start by applying a heat-protecting spray each time you use a styling tool to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair. Consider taking a break from heat-based styling now and again.

Apply Colour-Restoring Shampoo Or Conditioner

Consider switching to a colour-restoring shampoo and conditioner if you notice your hair colour is dulling down in the winter months. Each time you wash your hair, these products deposit a small amount of colour, keeping your hair colour strong throughout the winter.

Colour-restoring shampoos are available for blondes, brunettes, blacks and even redheads. Try out a few different products to determine which one works best for you.


As temperatures plunge, so does the air’s moisture level, which causes your winter hair to become dry. Your strands are effectively sucked dry by the dry air, leaving them brittle and vulnerable to damage. Fortunately, the suggestions above can assist you in combating this and surviving winter hair damage.

Taking care of your hair in winter comes with its challenges. Vinci Hair Clinic is on hand to help with any hair and scalp issues you may be facing. If you’re experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, now is the time to book a free consultation with one of our specialists. Contact us today to arrange your appointment!