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Eight Easy Tricks For Taming Flyaways

Isn’t it a pain to have flyaway hair after spending so much time perfecting a selfie hairstyle? They seem to appear out of nowhere and, no matter how you comb your hair, the tangles persist.

When flyaways strike, you can attempt to trim out the curly hairs. But, before you do that and make things even worse, learn more about how to control flyaway hairs and why they appear in the first place. Let’s look at the eight simple tips for taking care of them.

Increase Hydration And Moisture

Dryness is one of the leading causes of flyaway hairs, so it’s critical to hydrate your hair correctly. Using moisturising conditioners is the best way to do this, as shampoos are likely to drain your hair of hydration. Less shampoo, more conditioner, should be your mantra!

If you do apply shampoos, make sure you use ones that will leave your hair moisturised. To add hydration and vitality to your hair, use a conditioning mask at least once per week. Conditioners assist even the best-quality hair, as long as you wash it thoroughly.

Decrease Static Accumulation

Static accumulation is another factor that contributes to flyaway hairs. The very first thing you need to do is to put your hairbrush away, especially if you’re brushing wet hair. Remember that friction due to the dense bristles might damage the hair and roots. To avoid this, use substances that will not cause static electricity to build up in your hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

It is critical to protect your hair from heat damage, regardless of its texture. Heat styling can repair cuticles and minimise flyaway hair, but if you use it excessively, you will aggravate the situation.

If you’re going to use curling devices or blow-dryers on your hair, make sure to apply heat-protectant products first. These will prevent your hair from becoming overheated, which could cause harm to the delicate hair. You can also choose a heat-free hairstyle to avoid using any heating components at all.

Apply Mild Serum

Hair serums cure various problems, including flyaway hairs, dullness and static. Serums act as a quick remedy for most of your hair issues and give your mane a smooth look. They are also helpful in disguising problems like split ends. When applying any serum, make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Avoid Using Bath Towels

Wet hair is delicate and using rough materials to dry it can result in severe damage. Cotton towels are handy after a shower. They’re soft and fluffy, and they can soak up a lot of water. They’re a little too deep and spiky for your hair, though. They can rough up the cuticles of your hair strands, causing breakage, knots and frizz.

Microfibre towels are a good substitute for cotton towels. They are soft on the hair and have fragile fibres. They also have decent absorption properties, so they’re just as good as cotton towels.

Make Use Of Hair Sprays

Hair sprays are another solution that treats flyaway hairs. You can use hair spray right away to pull your hair down. If you’re going to apply a hair straightener, spritz a piece of hair with hair spray before using it. It will soften the hair’s texture and allow you to keep the style for several hours.

Getting Rid Of Chemical Build-up

Using different chemicals to prevent flyaway hair could lead to chemical build-up in your bases, something that might harm your hair roots. Build-up can also damage your hair, induce flyaway strands and possibly trigger hair loss.

Use Gel Or Pomade

When you’ve done everything possible to keep flyaway hair at bay, look online for hair products to handle any lingering stray hairs. When styling, control flyaways with a patch of a pomade solution which you should apply sparingly to prevent your hair from losing volume. Those with fine hair should be particularly careful.

The Causes Of Flyaway Hair

You can experience flyaway hair for a variety of reasons. Most of these boil down to moisture loss from the hair roots. Let’s look at the causes of flyaway hair in more depth.

Dry Climate

If you reside in a dry area, you may expect flyaway hairs. That’s because sifting your hair in a dry climate encourages the creation of static. Individual hairs may oppose each other, resulting in flyaway hair.

Overuse Of Hair Styling

Your hair may become fragile if you overdo the heat styling and use too many chemicals. This will result in breakage. Air and static electricity can cause these damaged strands to stand out, resulting in flyaway hairs.


Almost everyone has an issue with flyaway hairs. This problem can be due to a lack of hydration, chemical accumulation and static build-up. Follow the tips outlined above to tackle the problem but be patient; some of them will take time to work.

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