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Have You Been Detangling Your Hair The Wrong Way? Here’s How To Do It!

Knots and tangles are undeniably annoying. You just can’t run your fingers through your hair, and even a gentle breeze makes everything a mess. Smooth, manageable hair is the goal, but achieving it is no easy feat. In the end, you might feel tempted to cut out the knots to get rid of the problem.

As frustrating as those tangles can be, there are ways to detangle your mane without resorting to an emergency haircut you might regret later. Perhaps you’ve just been going about it in the wrong way. So, before you cause significant damage to your locks, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks on how to keep tangles at bay. With patience, the correct technique and the best hair care products, you can detangle even the toughest and most stubborn hair knots.

Use A Detangler

If you’re looking for an easy, painless detangling, a quality detangler can provide a solution. It deposits a thick formula on the surface of your hair to smoothen the hair shafts by filling breaks and splits. It also reduces friction between the strands and makes knots easy to break apart. Newer formulas may also contain shea butter, nourishing oils and hydrating properties to detangle and condition your tresses.

Unlike leave-in conditioners, detanglers require rinsing. You need to wash it away with your favourite shampoo and conditioner a few minutes after application.

Brush Your Hair Before Washing

Some people jump in the shower as soon as they wake up without dealing with their super-knotty locks. It’s a common mistake and one you should avoid, as it can make things worse. So, while waiting for the water to warm up, gently brush your strands using a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush. Work in smaller sections, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Doing it this way avoids unnecessary pulling and stress on your hair.

Don’t Skip The Conditioner

Shampooing your hair is never enough. Your haircare system should always include a nutrient-rich conditioner, especially if you have texture hair. It will smoothen your curls, soften your dry strands and restore moisture to your hair so that it becomes less prone to knots.

Make sure to thoroughly coat your hair with the conditioner to maximise its nourishing and detangling effects. Focus on the body of your hair and the tips and keep it away from your scalp. Then, run your fingers through your hair. Alternatively, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots while ensuring even distribution of the formula through your hair.

Apply Hair Oil

It’s no secret that hair oils are incredibly versatile. They can hydrate your curls, help prevent hair fall, soften strands, strengthen roots, nourish your hair and much more. It all depends on the formula you’re using. But whatever hair oil you choose, rest assured that it can also act as a lubricant for detangling dry and weak hair.

Hair Masks For Instant Moisture And Hydration

If you’re constantly dealing with matted hair, it may be a sign that your hair is dry and damaged. While there are various causes of dry hair, it typically occurs when your strands don’t get or hold enough moisture to keep them healthy. That’s where a deeply nourishing hair mask treatment comes into play.

Hair masks are concentrated formulas to moisturise your hair and give it extra hydration. They can provide significant shine to your mane, keep it strong and address various hair issues. Plus, they can tame frizz, repair dryness and minimise tangles.

Go Easy With Towel-drying

So, you’ve decided to turn off the heat and use a towel to dry your hair instead. While it’s an incredible idea to avoid exposing your tresses to extreme heat, the wrong technique with the towel could lead to more shedding and breakage. Intense rubbing and twisting with a bath towel can disrupt the structures of your hair cuticles, resulting in frizz, split ends and more tangles.

Be gentle with your hair when towel drying. In terms of performance, it’s always a good idea to use a cotton t-shirt or a microfibre hair towel, as they can provide better protection against damage than any regular hair towel. This hair-drying technique can also maintain the health and fullness of your delicate strands.

Establish A Bedtime Haircare Routine

How you prepare your hair the night before will determine how it feels and looks the following day. Pillowcases made of cotton tend to absorb the hair’s natural oils. Consequently, the hair becomes dry and brittle and quickly gets tangled. So, before you hit the sack, braid your hair for extra protection and sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to minimise friction and breakage.


Whether your hair is natural or chemically treated, straight or curly, long or short, you’ve most likely dealt with knotty hair. It’s often tempting to reach for a pair of scissors, for sure, but it’s always best to use the right formula and technique to rid yourself of those irritating tangles and knots without damaging your hair.

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