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Easy Ways To Make Your Hair Humidity-Proof

If you’ve ever watched even a single instalment of Tom Cruise’s Hollywood blockbusters, you know his team often comes up against some seemingly insurmountable challenges. While humidity isn’t usually one of them, there’s no doubt that it can make styling your hair more like mission impossible than anything else out there. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the easiest ways to protect your hair against humidity and make styling easier. We’re going to change mission impossible into mission very possible indeed!

What Does Humidity Do To Your Hair?

Frizz is a common side effect of excessive environmental moisture due to hair swelling up when it absorbs moisture. Hair is naturally a hygroscopic substance which means it drinks in water from wherever it gets it, be that in the shower or from the environment. The bonds in the hair structure are susceptible to breakage when the strands absorb water.

You may have noticed on occasions that your hair puffs up and goes crazy, even on days when it’s not getting wet This phenomenon is simply because it’s a humid day with a lot of moisture in the air. If your hair is generally weak, or you’re sporting some split ends which you just haven’t had a chance to trim, you’ll find your hair will get frizzier too.

Those with curly hair may find that all their efforts to wash, blow-dry and straighten their hair count for nothing in humid weather. As soon as they step outside, their hair loses its straight edges and goes curly again. That’s humidity for you.

Ingredients You Should Look For In Hair Products

If your hair type is naturally curly or susceptible to frizz, then hair products form the first line of defence against humidity. Pay particular attention to the ingredients in your favourite shampoo and conditioner combo, as well as any leave-in or styling products.

You’ll never go wrong if you pick protein-rich products which also contain humectants. A humectant is a class of product that acts as a moisture reservoir. In short, it keeps your hair moist. Choosing a product such as a hydrating serum and using it after washing or styling your hair locks in the moisture and seals the hair shafts. Another option is to apply a shine oil just to bring out that lustre in your hair.

If you’re buying anti-frizz products, try and avoid the ones containing silicone. Silicone is a wax-based product that is often quite heavy on your hair, leaving it looking limp and lifeless.

Whenever you are using heat tools, try and apply an ultraviolet (UV) heat protectant before styling. The UV component of your protectant spray ensures the product will keep working once you step outside into the sunshine. Using heat tools without protection leads to dry and thirsty hair that quickly becomes a magnet for moisture.

Top Tips For Making Your Strands Humidity-Proof

Here’s what you need to know about making your hair humidity-proof in a nutshell:

  • Look after your hair all year round – deep nourishing, moisturising or protein treatments keep the structure of your strands in top condition. Use these treatments as regularly as necessary according to your hair’s needs.
  • Protect and Seal – use hydrating oils or serum to seal your hair and protect against moisture loss before heading out. Using a sealant also means humidity can’t get through to your strands.
  • Trim and repair split ends – regular haircuts or trims help to prevent hair-splitting from travelling up the shaft, causing more damage. You also have more styling options when your hair is in fantastic condition and free from split ends.
  • Use sun protection on your hair – everyone remembers to lather sunscreen on their skin when heading out into the sun, but no one ever considers the hair. Using UV spray and wearing a protective hairstyle are all means of protecting your hair from the sun. Wearing a sunhat or staying in the shade as much as possible will also help.

Everything else out there just adds some detail and refinement to the four broad categories above. Make these a part of your lifestyle and you’ll never know what frizzy hair feels like again!

Final Words

Caring for your hair is never going to be plain sailing but understanding your hair type goes some way to making things easier. For example, embracing your naturally curly hair will mean you spend less time and money fighting its nature. Find the best styles which enhance your natural type and texture and you’ll have more good hair days than bad.

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