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Expert Tips For Women On How to Stop Hair Breakage And Enjoy Healthier Hair

Don’t want to worry you, ladies, but if you’re noticing your hair getting more straw-like with each passing day, then you may have a hair breakage pandemic on your hands. Is your hair feeling brittle? Are the ends splitting? There could be a simple answer to the causes of your current hair problems. This article contains some tips from hair experts to help women navigate through their current hair maze. Breaking hair strands can interfere with the glossy suppleness of your locks. Stick with the ideas in this post, and you’ll be enjoying healthier and fabulous hair in no time at all.

What Is Hair Breakage?

There’s one thing to clear up before we get into the rest of the blog post. There is a common misconception that confuses a lot of women. Many believe that split ends and hair breakages are the same condition. Let’s set the record straight. Split ends is a condition that arises when the tips of the hair strands become damaged and start to crack, causing the hair to fray.

On the other hand, hair breakage occurs along the length of the hair shaft. It appears as small white dots which show the hair shaft is broken or has partial fractures. The hair will eventually develop a straw-like hue and brittle texture. Hair breakage requires treatment to repair the damage. It matters little whether you have short or long hair; both are prone to breakage. Long hair, however, is more susceptible because of a larger exposed surface.

Top Causes of Frayed And Broken Hair

Hair commonly breaks when it gets too dry, and the typical causes are external factors. Knowing what causes hair to break in the first place will help you to stop hair breakage. Dry hair is less flexible, and external influences such as styling tools and products attack the hair surface. Below is a list of typical causes of hair breakage:

  • Incorrect or excessive brushing including rough, teasing or wet combing.
  • Intense pressure from hair clips and ties.
  • Overuse of colour which exposes the hair cuticle during colour treatment.
  • Frequent chemical treatments, such as permanent weave.
  • The heat from direct sunlight and the excessive use of styling tools.

How many of the above factors are you exposed to regularly? If you frequently colour your hair and use heat tools simultaneously, you’re looking at double the damage to your hair.

Easy Ways To Stop Hair Breakage

Although hair breakage is irreversible once the hair shaft breaks open, the situation is not completely hopeless. That’s because the initial damage is easy to fix if you get to it early enough, and with proper care, you can prevent your hair from breaking. Here is how you do it:

Regular trimming – prevent frayed tips by trimming the ends every six to eight weeks to remove any tips which have broken off. Removing the split ends keeps your hair looking fresh. More importantly, it keeps it healthy. The extreme ends are the oldest part of your hair, and oils or hair fluids will help nourish and repair them.

Keratin treatment – keratin is a protein that gives the hair its elasticity and builds the hair from inside. A keratin treatment smoothes the damage to your hair strands and makes your hair stronger, preventing breakage. A keratin treatment lasts for up to four months. Supplement the keratin treatment by using keratin shampoo and conditioner.

Regular masking – pampering your hair with a mask now and then is a form of intensive hair therapy that contains active nutrients. Masking helps prevent breakage by providing rich oils which keep your hair moisture levels high.

Choose ceramic heat tools – reduce the use of straightening or curling irons. If you’re really into styling, buy devices with a ceramic coating. Ceramic tools distribute heat evenly, preventing hot spots and stopping your hair from breaking. Use your styling tools together with a heat protection spray to minimise damage to your hair.

Pick the right brush – carefully brush your hair from the tips. Tease out any kinks and avoid pulling through any tangles. A brush with natural bristles is best for your hair. A great example is one containing wild boar bristles.

Is There More To Your Hair Breakage?

Taking care of your hair is in your best interests, but sometimes there is something else going on. Hair loss is a deep concern for many women and taking action as soon as the signs appear will help stop it before it gets worse.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers support to men and women suffering from hair loss. If you’re experiencing thinning hair or excessive shedding, a quick consultation with our hair loss expert can help. We will help diagnose the underlying cause of hair loss, and recommend the best treatment to stop it. Want to find out more about how we can help? Book a free consultation by giving us a call today!

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