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Everything You Need To Know About Using Jojoba Oil In Your Hair

Jojoba oil is a popular addition to the growing number of hair care products on the market. The product is prized for its moisture retention properties, unsurprising given that the plant which produces the oil thrives in desert climates. Jojoba is a silky-smooth oil in texture, but it starts its life as a wax-like substance in its pure form. It comes from the Simmondsia chinensis plant seeds, a native of the North American desert regions. Its unparalleled ability to enhance and retain moisture makes it every stylist’s dream oil for styling. Read on to learn how best to use jojoba oil and to discover what makes this simple product so special.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Jojoba Oil?

As with many oils, applying jojoba to your hair makes it shine and gives it a characteristic glossy appearance. However, this is where the similarity with other oils ends. Here are a few reasons why jojoba oil is different from the rest when it comes to hair care.

  • It has an unrivalled ability to retain moisture within the hair shaft. The stearic and palmitic acids contained in the oil protect and condition the hair shaft.
  • Jojoba protects hair that’s prone to dryness, preventing fizzy hair.
  • It alleviates a dry and itchy scalp by aiding hydration of the scalp and restoring the skin’s natural balance.
  • Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic and does not block your pores. You can use it in full confidence that it will not cause any breakouts or irritate your scalp.
  • The oil is rich in vitamins and minerals, including hair-friendly ones such as zinc, copper, omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins A, C and E, all of which nourish and strengthen hair.

Top tip: As a side note, jojoba oil is also great for your skin; you can use it as a make-up remover because it’s light and non-greasy.

The Best Way To Use Jojoba Oil On Hair

Regularly using jojoba oil as part of your hair care routine provides a host of benefits. It’s such an easy product to include in your daily washing and styling regimen because there’s no need to make drastic changes. Below are just some of the different ways you can use it to improve your hair.

Hair Conditioning

Everyone loves flawless, shiny tresses, and your conditioner plays a big role in your hair’s appearance. Jojoba oil is similar to sebum, the natural oil that keeps your hair shiny and protects the strands. Applying jojoba oil after washing your hair locks in moisture, making it soft and easy to style.

Add a few drops of pure jojoba to your favourite leave-in conditioner or apply the oil directly to your hair. If your hair is dehydrated, make a jojoba oil mask for a deep-conditioning effect.

Protection During Heat Styling

Heat is the leading cause of damage to the hair shaft. Jojoba oil is rich in antioxidants which help to neutralise harmful free radicals. The high omega-6 content also acts as a barrier to heat damage during styling while simultaneously conditioning your hair.

Brush or massage the oil through your hair before straightening or curling to shield the shaft from heat damage. Even better, use styling tools with ceramic tips to minimise the heat transfer directly to your hair.

Anti-Dandruff Properties

Palmitic acid and stearic acid are the conditioning elements within jojoba oil, but they also offer other exciting benefits. Massaging the oil into your scalp to increase hydration and retain moisture prevents dandruff formation. You can pre-treat your scalp before shampooing as a way to get severe dandruff under control. Add to your leave-in conditioner to enjoy the protective benefits throughout the day.

Enjoy Thicker And Stronger Hair

The vitamins and minerals in jojoba oil do a fantastic job of nourishing your hair follicles. The result is increased growth and thickness. Balancing the oil production of the glands within the scalp also ensures the hair grows healthy and protects it against the elements.

How Often Should You Use Jojoba Oil?

Jojoba oil is not a moisturiser, but it helps to lock in the moisture already present in your hair. It’s perfect for use together with your regular conditioner after washing your hair, and it will stay in your hair until the next wash. How often should you use it? That depends on how often you wash your hair. Include jojoba as the last step of your wash routine, and you’ll enjoy soft, frizz-free hair for a long time.

Professional Help With Hair Loss 

Everyone is doing something to keep their hair strong and healthy. However, if you are experiencing thinning hair despite taking preventive measures, there may be something else going on. A dermatologist will help you get to the bottom of any hair and scalp concerns. Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Call us today for advice and to arrange your free consultation!

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