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Hair Care Tips Every Man Should Know

Men often get left out of the conversation when it comes to hair care. Yet taking proper care of your hair is equally important for both men and women. In this blog post, we’ll look at some hair care tips that apply to everyone, male and female alike, but with particular emphasis on how men can maintain healthy hair. And we won’t forget beards, either.

Ditch The All-In-One Pretender

Men love taking shortcuts. That explains why, when it comes to washing their hair, most guys reach for an all-in-one product. Why take 3 bottles into the shower when you can have one, right? Wrong. While it may appear convenient to have a shampoo, conditioner and body wash all rolled into one, the truth is that these jack of all trade products end up doing nothing well.

You’re much better off choosing the right shampoo for your hair and a conditioner that helps keep your hair soft and hydrated. Don’t leave the health of your hair at the mercy of a hair product with an identity crisis! Take charge and invest in a hair care system that keeps your hair healthy and strong. That way, you’ll always look your best.

Keep It Simple

A little goes a long way in many situations, and the same is true for hair products. Whether it’s a styling gel or some other product you regularly use, you usually need just a little at a time. Using too much product leads to a build-up in your strands and on your scalp. It also weighs your hair down, resulting in an unattractive flat appearance.

A pre-shampoo mask is an ideal preparation for your washing routine if you keep finding excess hair gel or oil on your scalp after each wash. A hair mask is a purifier, dissolving any excess product or natural oil from your scalp. Using a mask is simple and only takes about 5 minutes. Apply the pre-shampoo, concentrating on the roots of your hair and covering your entire scalp. Leave the pre-shampoo mask on for at least 5 minutes so that it can absorb all the impurities. After that, you can rinse it out and continue washing your hair as normal.

Let Your Hair Breathe

Hats can be fashionable and are a necessity in winter, especially if you have short hair. Your hair will benefit if you don’t wear a hat regularly, but if you must, make sure it’s as loose-fitting as possible. Avoid headgear that hugs your scalp like a mama bear.

Maintain Your Hair Cut

It’s vital to trim your hair regularly. Although you may not have long flowing locks (and even if you do), it’s still important to go and visit your barber for a regular trim. This sort of tidy-up is important because it gets rid of unwanted split ends. Set your hair free with regular trims, and you’ll always look and feel your best.

Show Your Beard Some TLC Too

Keeping your hair in order is important. Looking after your beard is also crucial if you want to keep it in good condition. Neglecting your beard could lead to some physical discomfort, as beards tend to get itchy. Don’t just think in terms of your facial hair. The skin underneath the beard can sometimes get dry, resulting in a very irritating itch. So how do you keep your beard in the best possible condition? For starters, pay it some attention by washing it regularly. And not just as part of your normal washing routine, either. Instead of reaching for your standard shampoo and conditioner, try something a little bit special. Beard shampoo and moisturiser are designed to be gentle on your face, leaving your beard clean and soft while revitalising your skin at the same time.

Handle With Care

Drying your hair roughly causes unbelievable damage to your hair. Next time you catch yourself on the point of grabbing a towel and rubbing away at your hair, stop. To avoid unwanted damage and hair breakage, pat your hair gently until it’s dry.

If you have more hair than the next man, you may be tempted to use a hairdryer to get your hair dry faster. Keep in mind that excessive heat can do untold damage to your strands. If you must use heat tools to style your hair, keep them at a low temperature.

Dealing With Hair Loss

If you follow the tips in this article, you’ll increase the chances of hanging on to your hair. However, if the reason behind your hair loss is hereditary, you’ll need more than hair care tips to address the problem. Vinci Hair Clinic helps hundreds of men regrow their hair every year. If you’re dealing with a receding hairline and nothing appears to be working, why not give us a call? Book your FREE no-obligation consultation today!  

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