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Choosing The Best Shampoo For Your Hair Type

Washing your hair with shampoo helps remove unwanted dirt, oil and sweat from your hair and scalp. Most modern shampoos can also do other things, such as conditioning, strengthening and making your hair smoother and more manageable.

Unfortunately, some shampoos can leave your hair dry, frizzy and lacking shine. They may contain certain ingredients, like sulphate, that are very effective at cleaning but can also make your hair prone to damage and breakage. The right shampoo should not only cleanse your scalp but also make your hair easy to maintain and style.

The ‘right’ shampoo has nothing to do with the brand or price of the product. It’s about finding the shampoo that’s specifically formulated for your hair type. There are tons of options available on the market, so to make the process less daunting, we’re going to share how to pick the best shampoo for your hair type.

For Oily Hair

Hair fibres and scalps have natural oils, and they’re essential for sustaining your hair quality. These oils can also add shine and protect your hair against damage. However, having greasy hair all the time can be irritating. It leaves you constantly feeling like you need to take a shower, even if it’s not so long since your last one!

You can’t control the amount of oil your scalp produces each day but choosing the best shampoo can help you manage it. Avoid shampoos with a high hydrating or moisturising formula, as they can add even more moisture to your hair and scalp. Instead, pick a product with a balancing, strengthening or volumising effect. These types of products are effective at eliminating extra oil or sebum from your scalp.

After washing with shampoo, avoid deep conditioning your hair. Only apply conditioner from the middle of your hair shaft to the tips. Also, make sure to rinse your hair properly after conditioning to get a clean, oil-free scalp.

For Dry Hair

Having dry hair and scalp may cause you to experience uncontrollable itching and irritation. It could also lead to frizz, flakes, dandruff and hair fall. Washing your hair too often with harsh hair products can strip your hair of the natural oils it requires to stay hydrated, making your scalp dry and your hair brittle.

It’s essential, therefore, to use a shampoo that protects your hair’s natural oils and adds hydration. Look for shampoos that contain moisturising properties. Products labelled as hydrating and smoothening will also add essential moisture to your hair and dry scalp.

Avoid volumising or fortifying shampoos or those that contain sulphates. Sulphates are a common shampoo ingredient and work fantastically well in cleaning your scalp. They can also strip moisture from your hair, leaving it dry and prone to breakage. Instead, look for a shampoo that contains glycerine, soy milk, aloe vera and shea butter. Such ingredients can provide moisture to a dry scalp.

For Colour-Treated Hair

If you have recently had a colour treatment, a regular shampoo may not work as well for you. Colour-treated hair requires special care and might need extra hydration. It’s best, therefore, to choose a shampoo specifically for coloured hair.

Colour-safe shampoos should be sulphate-free so that the dye does not fade faster. Look for hair products with ingredients like soy extracts and amino acids, which help preserve the colour.

For Curly Hair

A perm or naturally curly hair tends to be dry due to its texture, and it can worsen if you’re in a high-humidity area. If the curls are frizzy, you should go for ultra-moisturising shampoos to reduce dryness and frizz while maintaining its lustre. It’s also a great idea to use a product that delivers deep root conditioning so that your hair remains manageable and shiny.

Also, look for shampoos that contain natural oils, like argan oil, coconut oil and shea butter. These ingredients can make your thick, curly hair smooth and give your hair strands sufficient moisture to prevent frizz.

For Fine Hair

Having fine, flat hair that lacks volume can be unflattering. Choose the wrong shampoo and you could make the situation worse. Avoid using creamy shampoos which can weigh your hair down and make it look even flatter. Instead, pick a shampoo with a runny, light consistency.

Volumising shampoos can also be a good bet as their formulations make hair lighter and boost it from the roots. Shampoos containing protein are also great for fine hair as they thicken and strengthen your hair strands.


Choosing the best shampoo for your hair type does not have to be too complicated. Use this guide to help you make an informed choice and ensure that you’re only applying products suitable for your scalp and hair.

If your hair problems can’t be fixed by simply changing your shampoo, you can always turn to Vinci Hair Clinic. We offer a free consultation at which you can get advice from one of our hair care experts. Get in touch and book your consultation today!