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Celebrities Opening Up About Hair Loss

Hair loss can be scary and distressing for ordinary men and women. Is it worse for people who live their lives in the spotlight? How do celebrities deal with the various types of hair loss? Coming out in public and revealing that you’re losing your hair is not easy. Millions of people try different methods to conceal the fact their hair is thinning, even from their closest friends and family. Letting the whole world know a secret you hold close to your heart is not an easy thing to do. Read on to discover how some famous people have dealt with hair loss.

Dealing With Hair Loss In Your Teens

Jesy Nelson found fame with the British pop group Little Mix which catapulted her and her bandmates into the limelight at a very young age. Looking at her now, you wouldn’t think that she went through the emotional rollercoaster of hair loss in her teens. With her long and shiny hair, she displays newfound confidence in herself. Yet this is the same young woman who battled hair loss from the age of thirteen. She believes the stress from severe bullying in school was the trigger for her condition. The support of her friends and family was crucial in helping her cope with the situation, which she now has under control.

Even Supermodels Struggle With Hair Loss

If you’re into fashion and modelling, then Tyra Banks will be a familiar name to you. A former America’s Next Top Model, she is one of the world’s most successful supermodels. Oh, and she’s also a multi-millionaire business tycoon. She may look flawless and fierce on the stage or television, but the pressure of her chosen career took a toll on her hair. Her stressful life and the demands of her profession led to her developing hair loss. Stress-related hair loss is reversible, fortunately; your hair will start to regrow as long as the follicles remain healthy.

Alopecia Totalis And Fame

With most forms of hair loss, you can, at least, use different methods to camouflage the thinning areas and hide the problem. However, when you experience total hair loss at the age of six, there’s no disguising what can be a shattering blow to your confidence. Matt Lucas has overcome a lot of negative energy to become a successful comedian and actor in the UK. Although he might appear confident and funny in the hit show Little Britain, life hasn’t always been a bundle of laughs for him.

Matt doesn’t see himself as a celebrity or anything special. His view is that he shares the same insecurities as everyone else, a view no doubt shaped by the fact that he was totally bald by the age of seven. Standing out from the crowd at such a young age is never easy; so often, anyone who looks different is treated with such unkindness. Matt found safety in wearing disguises, something which probably helped him become the amazing actor he is today.

The Pressure Of Fame And Its Impact On The Hair

Living in the spotlight of fame is not easy. When that fame involves working in the pressure-cooker environment of reality TV with cameras constantly trained on you, life gets even tougher. Stephanie Davis is a former British TV soap opera star who found fame (or infamy) in the Celebrity Big Brother House. Her antics on the show led to public condemnation, culminating in her losing her hair due to stress and tension. Even after the show had ended, she found that the pressure didn’t ease, as she experienced abuse on social media platforms.

Every woman suffering from hair loss has the same concerns about the impact it has on their appearance, self-worth and self-confidence. All the more reason, therefore, to seek help as soon as you notice clumps of hair on your pillow or during a shower.

Male Pattern Baldness (MPB) And Sports Stars

There is no shortage of famous sportsmen who have dealt with or are dealing with MPB. Wayne Rooney is a renowned footballer who played in the UK for Manchester United and spent some time in the US. Wayne was upfront about the fact that he received a hair transplant when he started losing his hair in his twenties. Other popular sports personalities who have had the same treatment include David Silva, a footballer playing for Manchester City, and Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s current manager.

Hair loss is no longer just a female concern. The statistics show that even more men are opting for hair transplant surgery. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), 84% of all transplant procedures carried out in 2019 were for men.

You Don’t Need To Be Famous To Get Help With Hair Loss

Hair loss does not discriminate and affects celebrities and everyday people alike. As you’ve just read, household names worldwide struggle with it the same as the rest of us. If you’re experiencing hair loss and are unsure who to turn to, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Whether you’re considering medication or would like to find out more about hair transplant surgery, don’t put it off. Get in touch today to book your free consultation!

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