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What Hair Loss Treatments Available For Women?

Another name for androgenetic alopecia is female pattern hair loss. It is the most common type of hair loss that affects women. Although it resembles male pattern hair loss, it affects men and women in different ways. It is normal and common for women to experience some form of hair loss as they age and after menopause. Alopecia (hair loss) in women is usually linked to a family history of hair loss from either of the parents. That is, you are likely to experience female pattern hair loss if either of your parents has had hair loss.

Hair loss in women can also be a result of an underlying health issue. If you start to notice any form of hair loss, visit your doctor or dermatologist. A trichologist will be able to help you determine what the cause may be and prescribe the best treatment for your hair loss. The earlier you get your hair loss treated, the better the chances are of stopping and growing the hair back.

Hair Loss Treatments Helping Women Regain Confidence

There are different treatment options available for androgenetic alopecia or hair loss in women, such as topical medications such as Rogaine, therapy, and surgery.  In this part of the blog post, you are going to learn about these options and how they can help you treat your hair loss.


This is the first topical medication approved for hair loss treatment by the food and drug administration, FDA. It is sold under generic brand names like Rogaine and can be bought over the counter. Minoxidil stimulates hair growth and increases the growth cycle of your hair. It thickens your hair, reduces the appearance of bald patches, and diffuse hair loss. If you use minoxidil for the first time, you may experience increased hair loss, but this stops typically after a few months of treatments as your hair gets stronger.

Minoxidil comes in liquid or foam form, and it is available in 2% and 5% solution. The 2% solution is to be applied on the scalp twice daily and is proven to be the most effective solution for hair loss treatment. Unlike the 2% solution, you only need to apply the 5% of minoxidil solution once daily.

You should carefully apply minoxidil to your scalp and avoid areas like your forehead, neck, and other parts of the body because it may cause hair growth in these areas. If you find minoxidil very effective for your hair loss after months of applying without any adverse side effects, you should continue using it to avoid the hair from falling out again.

Side effects from minoxidil are uncommon and are usually very mild. Still, you may experience irritation or an allergic reaction from ingredients like alcohol or propylene glycol in the product. To avoid aggravating irritations or side effects from minoxidil, it is best not to switch brands frequently.


This is also a topical medication for hair loss treatments. It is an antifungal medicine which, according to research, has been shown to work effectively for promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Ketoconazole can be used to treat androgenetic alopecia caused by inflammation of the hair follicles. It reduces inflammation of your hair follicles, helps you improve the strength, and promote the growth of your hair.

It is usually available in shampoo form and can be purchased over the counter. A good brand is the Nizoral ketoconazole shampoo. Although this shampoo has a low concentration of ketoconazole, higher percentages would require a prescription from a medical doctor or a dermatologist. 2% ketoconazole solution has been proven to have therapeutic effects on androgenetic alopecia/female pattern hair loss.

Light Laser Therapy

Light laser therapy is another treatment option for treating hair loss. Although light laser therapy is not enough to completely treat pattern hair loss, it can be used to boost the effects of other hair loss treatments like minoxidil.  Having this treatment also with 5% minoxidil for hair loss will help you improve the growth of your hair. Light laser therapy treatment can be given at home or in a hair salon that has been certified for LLLT. Scalp light therapy devices come in the form of a comb or a hat contraption that emits waves for stimulation of hair growth. Low light laser therapy stimulates circulation that encourages hair follicles to grow hair. LLLT also helps to strengthen the hair strands. This method of hair restoration is widely accepted and considered safe with no side effects.

Hair Transplant For Permanent Hair Restoration

Hair transplantation is the most popular and successful procedures for restoration of hair in many cases of pattern alopecia. It has also been a great alternative to hair loss treatments that may not have been effective. Hair transplantation involves removing hair from thicker parts of the scalp, usually called the donor area and implanted into the bald area of the scalp. This hair treatment is effective for androgenetic alopecia because not all hair on the scalp has been lost. Unlike some topical hair loss treatments, hair transplant is permanent. It requires only minimal maintenance after surgery on the affected areas.

Getting Real With Hair Loss

Gone are the days when women had to accept hair loss as part of growing older or a case of bad genes. Today, there are many options from over the counter medicines to hair transplant surgery. However, before you start using any products to combat hair loss, you need to know what’s causing it. Vinci Hair Clinic’s hair restoration experts can help determine the cause of your hair loss, and recommend the most suitable treatment for your situation, It all starts with a free consultation. Begin your journey to healthier hair and book your consultation today.

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