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Top Eight Benefits of Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP)

The growing frequency of hair loss cases has led to the development of methods that tackle it in a much more practical way. Micro scalp pigmentation (MSP) is one of the treatments that take little time and come with minimal risks. You might have heard of a similar method called microblading which is used to create fuller brows.

Both procedures involve the use of pigment to cover areas showing signs of hair loss. The process is normally done using microneedles, and it produces satisfying results with minimal impact on your scalp.

MSP brings back the appearance of full hair without the need to wear wigs, undergo transplants, or take medications. Also, it is an excellent way to cover scars (including scars left after a hair transplant) or balding areas.

The process is finished with a few sessions. Initially, the MSP artist examines your scalp and discusses with you how the final results will look. Then, during the first session, a pigmented foundation is laid.

The second session is scheduled for one to four weeks later since the scalp needs to heal from the applied pressure and the pigment needs to settle. This session focuses on completing the appearance with the proper pigmenting of the details around your hair.

The entire MSP procedure is finished in two or three sessions that might total around eight hours. However, the procedure has a higher chance of restoring your appearance compared to most treatments.

Below we’re listing eight major benefits of using this method to restore your hair appearance.

  1. Requires Minimal Care

When choosing MSP, you’re not adding strands that will require nurturing to your hair. Other hair loss treatments involve medications that are either taken orally or applied to the scalp. With MSP, the results last longer and require minimal treatments. You may just have to apply further pigmentation when it starts fading.

  1. Relatively Safe

Getting MSP is like getting a tattoo but on your scalp. The procedure doesn’t penetrate deeply into the skin, and neither does it utilise chemicals that could harm your existing hair or cause side effects. No incisions are made that could lead to infections. Also, a local anaesthetic is used to ensure a painless process.

  1. Affordable Option

MSP offers a lasting solution similar to hair transplants but for only a fraction of the cost. Nor will you have to spend money on expensive shampoos or regular oral or topical treatments. There are no additional costs for care products after the MSP procedure is finished.

  1. Fast Healing

The procedure doesn’t involve any major cutting or stripping of the skin, nor does it leave scars that take time to heal. The discomfort felt in your scalp will ease after just a few days. There are no scars that need hiding or stitches to be changed. The skin will heal itself and all you need to do is wash it well.

  1. Needs Little Time

The lengthy time needed for recovery and to show results are often the major factors that make other procedures inappropriate. With MSP, you could return to work in less than three days. Your work will be done in two or three sessions and the results are visible almost immediately.

  1. Brings Realistic Results

Appearance is the primary concern of anyone searching for hair restoration solutions. Even though the procedure does not grow real hair, it does create the appearance of having fuller hair. For an exact match with your existing hair, small details like the skin colour tone are taken into consideration when selecting the pigments.

  1. Restores Your Youthful Appearance

Since baldness usually happens as we age, it’s a look that’s associated with older people. This fact alone is enough to stress some people, and stress can be ageing too. MSP breaks this cycle by restoring your youthful appearance and confidence, leading to a more positive attitude.

  1. Guarantees Results

Hair restoration is challenging. There are a number of products on the market that claim to restore your luscious locks, but the majority of them are ineffective. Not only will they fail to do what they promise, but they may also have damaging side effects. MSP works because it doesn’t attempt to restore hair follicles, but simply the appearance of hair.


MSP restores your appearance without much effort. For anyone who is concerned with hair loss but doesn’t want to undergo a surgical procedure or take chemicals, this treatment gives satisfying results.

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