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Top Causes of Severe Hair Loss In Men: The Last One May Surprise You

Millions of men and women suffer from hair loss all over the world. Losing your hair often feels like an attack on your person. However, it’s vital to observe caution when seeking answers. Hair loss doesn’t happen overnight. There are signs to look out for such as thinning hair or excessive shedding in the shower or while brushing your hair. When it comes to hair loss, factors such as diet, lifestyle, and age are just some of the factors which play a role.

This blog post discusses a few of the top causes of hair loss in men and some of the signs to look out for if you start experiencing abnormal hair loss.

Bad Genes

There is no easier way to put this, but the leading causes of hair loss in men are genetics. Hair loss conditions usually run in families so if your father or grandfather got bald, chances are so will you? Androgenetic Alopecia is the medical term for balding in men. A gradual loss of hair on the front gradually progresses until t reaches the crown. Onset is as early as the 20s with some losing hair in their teens due to this medical condition. Treatments include drugs as well as hair transplant procedures, the latter becoming more common and socially accepted.

Severe Stress

Stress comes a close second when it comes to causes of hair loss in men. Physical or emotional trauma can often lead to periods of excessive hair shedding. This is due to stress hormones messing about with the hair growth cycle. This condition is called telogen effluvium. In simple terms it means the hair prematurely terminates the growth phase, shifting hair to the resting phase, telogen. Hair shedding occurs during this phase and the more of your hair resting, the more you will lose. If you catch the signs early and seek treatment for the cause of stress, this is a reversible condition and you should soon see regrowth once hormonal levels return to normal levels.

Medication and side effects

If you are taking medication for say gout, heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer, then some of the side effects you may experience include hair loss. Dietary supplements may also have side effects which may not always be obvious. If you suspect a supplement is behind the onset of hair loss, you could try stopping using it and see what happens. In the case of medication, you should consult your doctor who will be able to advise on the best thing to do.

Overdoing it at the gym

Would you sacrifice your hair for a six-pack? We didn’t think so. If you’re hitting the gym a bit too much then perhaps you’re unknowingly contributing to your hair loss. Working hard in combination with poor nutrition may have the opposite effect. Hair needs protein and other nutrients to grow and insufficient protein in your diet may cause hair loss. Weaker strands and slow hair growth are often the results. So before you try and beat you personal best, just make sure your nutrition is on point and you’re not overdoing it.

There is treatment available for most of the causes of hair loss in men discussed in this article. Vinci Hair Clinic specialises in providing men and women suffering from hair loss an answer to their problems. From medical treatment to hair transplant procedures and everything in between, there’s a solution to your problem. Call us today and see how we can help you regain your lost hair.