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Should You Use Macadamia Oil For Your Hair?

You’re probably familiar by now with using jojoba oil, castor oil, coconut oil and argan oil for your hair. But have you heard of the nurturing and hydrating properties that macadamia oil brings to your strands? That’s right! This oil comes from macadamia nuts that are native to Australia. It is nutritionally dense and can transform your dry hair.

Although most people use it for cooking, macadamia oil can also make a stellar addition to your haircare routine. Its unique blend of antioxidants, vitamins and many essential fatty acids sets it apart from other natural oils on the market. Still need a little more convincing? Let’s break down some of its benefits to your scalp and hair.

Five Haircare Benefits Of Macadamia Oil

Sure, macadamia oil is not as popular as other oils, but there’s no denying that it has established a good reputation in the beauty world. Today, you can find tons of haircare products that contain this ingredient, including hair creams, shampoos and conditioners. So, will macadamia oil restore your hair health? Let’s find out how using this healthy oil can revive your tresses.

Regulates Sebum Production

Your body produces natural, healthy oil called sebum to protect the surface of your skin from oxidate damage and other external elements. Although it may feel greasy on the scalp, it helps moisturise your strands and keeps them from being dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Too much sebum, however, can be as much of a problem as too little.

That’s where macadamia oil is so useful. It contains oleic acid, which rejuvenates your skin and stimulates sebum production. It then prevents excess oil production and keeps bacteria at bay. It also controls water loss in the strands while making them more pliable and softer.

Reduces Frizz

Frizz can be an automatic trigger for the dreaded bad hair day. It’s a common hair issue you don’t want to deal with, especially if you have a presentation, important meeting or date. Fortunately, macadamia oil can help with this annoying problem, too. Thanks to its deeply nourishing components, this oil can tame frizz and minimise detangling and flyaways. Plus, it provides essential moisture to strengthen, repair and hydrate your curls without weighing your hair down.

Adds Shine

Shiny, vibrant hair is one of the signs that your mane contains a healthy amount of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin E. Using macadamia oil will help you achieve this kind of glossy hair. Besides giving your immune system a boost and keeping your skin healthy, this antioxidant-rich oil will turn your stiff, unmanageable hair into glossy, luscious locks.

Restores Damaged Hair

Are you dealing with dry ends and strands that are prone to damage? If so, then this oil is suitable for you. Macadamia oil contains powerful reconstructive properties that can give your hair extra strength, flexibility and shine. Regardless of your hair porosity, its ingredients will repair broken follicles and restore the overall health of your mane.

Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals are linked to a range of illnesses and can cause oxidative stress. Although oxidative stress is more prevalent in various skin conditions, it can play a significant role in premature hair loss. The good news is that macadamia oil is rich in potent antioxidants which can help counter free radicals.

How To Use Macadamia Oil

If you’ve decided you want to use macadamia oil for your hair, you need to first learn how to apply it to your tresses. The best thing about this natural oil is that it’s incredibly versatile. There are several ways of obtaining its benefits but applying it directly to your hair is the quickest, particularly when your hair needs extra moisture.

Apply To Condition Brittle And Damaged Hair

Wash your hair as you usually would using your favourite sulphate-free shampoo. Then, apply macadamia oil to your clean scalp. Massage it in as you go and leave it on for about ten to twenty minutes. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your soft and silky hair.

Use As A Leave-in Treatment

If your hair feels dry to the touch and difficult to style, take a few drops of macadamia oil and rub it between your palms. Then, smooth it all through your strands, focusing on the ends of your hair to add shine and bounce while allowing the oil to repair damaged and split ends.

Detangle Your Hair

Use macadamia oil to remove knots and tangles and achieve any hairstyle you want. Apply a decent amount of oil to your hair to restore moisture and strengthen your strands. It’s also ideal for textured hair and curls which are vulnerable to knots and often require extra hydration.


No matter your hair type, macadamia oil can be a valuable haircare solution to combat flyaways, frizz and split ends. It can make your hair look more vibrant and shinier with one application. Once you use it consistently, you’ll notice your hair is easier to maintain and significantly healthier.

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