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Safety First: How to Choose the Best Clinic for Your Hair Restoration Treatment

Earlier this year, the UK government took the unusual step of advising its citizens not to travel to Turkey for medical procedures. This followed the revelation that seventeen Britons have died since January 2019 after travelling to Turkey for medical treatment, including dental work and hair transplants. Why are people choosing to jump on a plane and travel abroad for surgery? What are the risks involved?

This article will look at how to choose the best clinic for your hair restoration treatment and stay safe in the process, whether you choose to shop local for your treatment or travel abroad.

Why People Travel Abroad for Surgery

It’s understandable why some people decide to travel to Turkey and eastern Europe for surgical procedures. The cost of a hair transplant, for example, can be as much as 70% cheaper in Istanbul than in London. With UK citizens being hit by rising prices and galloping inflation, that kind of cost-saving is attractive to many.

Why is there such a price difference? The cost of living is one of the biggest drivers in the price of providing any service or commodity, and it’s much lower in eastern Europe and Asia. Additionally, there has been a huge rise in the number of clinics providing hair transplant surgery in those regions. This has led to a significant fall in prices as clinics compete for clients. Good news for customers, right? Not necessarily!

Why Are Lower Prices a Warning Flag?

Fair competition is usually a good thing for consumers, as it creates choice and value. In a crowded market, however, it means that clinics in Turkey and eastern Europe need to reduce their costs to stay competitive. They do that by reducing the number of qualified, experienced medical staff they employ. This means that your surgery could be performed by a doctor lacking the necessary training and experience. That’s the kind of business model that leads to serious problems.


Putting yourself in the hands of an unqualified surgeon is gambling with your health. Complications reported by UK travellers to foreign clinics include visible scarring as a result of poor surgical technique, infection, poor transplant outcomes, and thinning in donor areas as a result of over-harvesting.

Medical insurance cover isn’t always available for travel to some countries and getting compensation for botched procedures can be next to impossible. Then there is the difficulty with aftercare. That becomes logistically problematic if you have to book flights and accommodation each time you have an appointment, and that’s assuming it’s even part of the package.

How to Find the Best Hair Transplant Clinic Abroad or at Home

If you do decide to travel abroad, you need to ensure that your clinic of choice is accredited and registered with the relevant authorities. Check this out yourself – do not outsource the work to a third party such as a travel company or agent. If you’re able to confirm the bona fides of the clinic, the next step is to check the credentials of the health professional who will be administering your treatment. Obtain the appropriate travel insurance. If you find that insurance is difficult or impossible to obtain for the area you’re considering, take that as a sign and look elsewhere for your treatment!

Home or abroad, the most reputable clinics offer a free consultation to people wanting to avail of their services. Not only does that give the client a chance to scope out the clinic, but it also allows the medical professionals to assess the client’s needs and objectives; good clinics will advise clients if they don’t think they’re suitable candidates for a hair transplant, for example. Obviously, the process is more complicated if you’re travelling out of the country for treatment. That’s another consideration to weigh up when making your decision.

Always, always research the clinic you’re considering using. Some clinics specialise in particular treatments and may have a good reputation in that particular niche. That doesn’t mean they will be just as good in other areas of work.  Research the surgeon who will carry out your treatment. Find out his or her areas of expertise. Look for testimonials from satisfied clients. These should be accompanied by before and after photos that give you some idea of what you can expect from your treatment


When it comes to choosing a clinic for your hair restoration treatment, safety is paramount. Travelling abroad for surgery increases the risks involved, particularly because there are many unqualified and unregistered practitioners ready to take your business. Hopefully, this article has provided some useful tips on how to choose the best clinic for your procedure, whether you decide to stay at home or travel abroad.

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