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Is Seasonal Hair Loss A Thing And What To Do About It

A change of season is more than just the yellowing of leaves, shorter days and cooler temperature. Autumn signals essential changes in the human body too. If you’re just noticing more hair on your pillow in the morning or clumps coming out in the shower, don’t panic just yet. The chances are that it’s just a phase of seasonal hair loss. In this blog, you’ll learn about seasonal hair loss, its causes and what steps to take to keep calm as the seasons change.

What Causes Seasonal Hair Loss

There is growing evidence of a link between accelerating hair shedding and the change from summer to autumn. Dermatologists believe that hair cover is essential in the summer months as protection against the sunshine. It is thought that as the seasons shift into autumn, the hair starts to shed. The result is an increase in hair shedding.

Another popular belief among professionals is that hair sheds in autumn to make way for thicker hair for the winter. Hair moving into the telogen phase at the start of autumn means an increase in hair growth during the winter months. It may be an evolutionary thing also with links to shorter days and changes in the amount of daylight.

Whatever the science behind seasonal hair loss, it happens and affects millions of women around the world. Now that we have shed some light in the seasonal hair loss phenomenon, is there a way to stop it? Read ahead to learn more about the little changes you can make to reduce the amount of hair loss while maintaining healthy hair and scalp.

Top Tips For Healthier Hair In Autumn

You can’t keep the same hair care routine all year round just as you don’t dress in the same style of clothes for every season. It’s advisable to prepare your hair for the colder months by making some changes to your routine.

Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Hydration and moisture are essential aspects of hair maintenance, especially as the outside temperatures drop. A deep conditioning mask helps to retain the moisture within your hair. Also dialling down the use of heat tools and heat styling will help retain moisture.

Remember, drinking water also helps to keep your body and consequently your hair hydrated too.

Supplement To Strengthen Your Hair

Biotin is an excellent supplement that promotes hair health. It is a B vitamin, and although supplements won’t stop excessive hair shedding, they help to ensure your hair is healthy. Biotin helps prevent hair breakage and make it appear thicker. 

Vitamin C is another vital nutrient for healthy hair. It contributes to the formation of collagen, an essential component of the hair structure. Vitamin C also aids the absorption of iron from the gut. 

Protect Your Hair From The Elements

Colder and wetter autumn and winter conditions are some of your hair’s worst enemies. The best protection is to keep your hair under wraps by wearing a hat to keep warm. However, remember your scalp needs to breathe too, so make sure your headgear is not too tight. Poor scalp circulation isn’t great for your hair. 

It’s worth noting that wearing a hat may cause your head to sweat, causing scalp irritation. It turns out to be a balancing act when it comes to wearing hats.

Maintain Regular Trimming

One of the most effective ways to keep your hair healthy is to get rid of the split ends. Therefore, trimming the ends is vital if you want to prevent seasonal hair damage. Dry and brittle hair will break easily, and having dry ends will not help. So, keep your appointment with the hairdresser even if it’s just for a trim.

Pay Attention To Your Hair

Paying regular attention to your hair’s part will give you a head start when your hair starts thinning, and the part widens. Is your hair shedding or it’s just breaking off? The air is often drier in autumn and winter. Putting woollen hats on and pulling them off generates a static charge. That and friction can lead to hair breakage. Although this strictly isn’t hair loss, it may contribute to hair thinning. The good news is that this seasonal effect of hair loss is temporary and your hair will grow back when the time is right. 

What To Do When It’s Not Seasonal Loss

The changing of the seasons and its impact on your hair is beyond dispute. If however, you suspect there is more to excessive shedding than the weather, it’s advisable to take prompt action. Vinci Hair Clinic offers a variety of treatments to tackle hair loss for men and women. A consultation with one of our specialist surgeons will help get to the bottom of your hair woes and find the right treatment for you. Get in touch today to book your consultation and start your journey to fantastic hair.