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Is ‘Hairxiety’ Ruining Your Life?

Firstly, let’s define what we mean by ‘hairxiety’. No prizes for guessing that it’s an amalgamation of the words ‘hair’ and ‘anxiety’. It’s been used in the media recently to describe the way people worry about the state of their strands. It’s a real thing, and it’s on the rise. In fact, studies have shown that hair anxiety is becoming increasingly common, particularly amongst young people. So, what’s behind this phenomenon, and what can we do about it? Read on to discover more!

What is Hairxiety?

In a nutshell, hairxiety is a term used to describe the feeling of unease or distress that comes from worrying about the appearance of one’s hair. This can include concerns about frizz or split ends, but increasingly the term is deployed more in relation to thinning or balding hair. Whatever the specific concern, hairxiety can lead to a negative impact on self-esteem and confidence.

So why are more young people becoming anxious about their hair? There are several reasons. Firstly, societal pressures around gender and beauty standards can play a huge role in how we view ourselves and our appearance. Men are often told that balding is a sign of weakness or ageing, while women are expected to have long, luscious locks if they want to be truly feminine. These stereotypes can make it difficult to feel confident and comfortable with our natural hair.

Social media doesn’t help, either. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok are filled with influencers and celebrities with perfectly styled strands. This can make the rest of us feel like we don’t measure up. In fact, a study by Dove Hair found that 80% of women feel pressure to have ‘perfect’ hair because of societal attitudes.

Celebrities are not immune to hairxiety, either. Stars like Kylie Jenner and Ashley Graham have spoken openly about their struggles with hair loss and thinning. This kind of transparency is important, as it helps to break down the stigma around hair loss and shows that it’s something that affects many people.

Hair Loss Worries

If there are indications that young people worry more about their hair than previously, there are also signs that they have more reason to be worried; studies have shown that people may be losing their hair at a younger age these days. While it’s often thought of as something that only happens to older men, hair loss can affect anyone at any age. More work needs to be done to investigate the causes, but it may be due to a range of factors, including stress, hormonal changes and nutritional deficiencies.

Action Plan

So, what can we do to reduce this stress? Firstly, it’s important to remember that your hair doesn’t have to define you. We are so much more than our appearance. In that context, try to limit your exposure to social media if it’s making you feel bad about yourself. Consider following diverse accounts, ones which can help shift the focus away from narrow beauty standards.

However, while that’s worthy advice, it’s easier said than done. Hair is an important part of our identity, and sometimes it’s not enough to tell yourself that appearances aren’t important. The reality is that they are. Worries about our hair are not just superficial concerns; they can have real impacts on our mental health and overall well-being. Many, many studies have shown the link between hair loss and feelings of depression, anxiety and social exclusion. This is especially true for young people for whom peer acceptance and being part of a group are so important.

New Hairstyle

One approach is to experiment with hairstyles that camouflage the most visible parts of the hair thinning or loss. There are many creative options out there, and your hairstylist should be able to advise you about the ones that might best suit the contours of your face.

Disguising hair loss is something that many people spend years doing, but it can become exhausting. Moreover, worrying about whether your hairstyle is covering up thinning areas is hardly an approach designed to lessen your anxiety. A better way forward is to take control of the situation by doing something about it. Rather than fretting in front of the mirror, consider speaking to a professional about your hair loss. There are many effective treatments available, and a hair specialist can help you find the most suitable for your needs.


Hairxiety is a real and growing phenomenon amongst young people. However, by being aware of the factors that contribute to it and taking steps to address them, we can work towards a more positive and accepting relationship with our hair. Remember, you are more than your appearance, and your hair does not define you.

Taking steps to resolve any problems with your hair is the most effective way of stopping hairxiety in its tracks. Vinci Hair Clinic can help. We’re one of the biggest hair restoration organisations in the world, with clinics in 13 countries. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our new clients. Just get in contact to make an appointment!