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How To Get Silky Smooth And Healthier Hair With Almond Oil

Using almond oil has many health benefits. It has been recognised as a moisturiser that also soothes irritation, prevents or reduces stretch marks and minimises the appearance of dark circles. Now, more people are becoming aware of the benefits it brings to the hair.

Almond oil has become an important ingredient in many haircare products. Some brands, indeed, highlight it as the main component, signifying that almond oil has become the hottest ingredient in both haircare and beauty products. The way things are going, it could soon replace coconut oil as the gold standard for organic ingredients in all health and wellness products.

Benefits Of Almond Oil For Haircare

Almond oil is a product of ripe almonds, predominantly the sweet type. It is extracted by pressing the nuts or coaxing them out with heat. One particular advantage of almond oil compared to other natural oils is that it nourishes and moisturises your hair without making it too oily. This natural gift has been a significant part of haircare long before hair oils became popular in the mainstream market.

Aside from working well with all sorts of hair types, almond oil blends nicely with other haircare ingredients, too. Experts point out that almond oil contains rich nutrients but remains lightweight in texture. In addition, it works well with other plant-derived oils and hydrating products. Nutrients that almond oil is rich in include Vitamin E, squalene, polyphenols and omega acids.

Hydrates And Strengthens Hair

If you have dull, dry hair, almond oil could be the answer you need to improve things. Almond oil has a thick texture that gives it the ability to moisturise and nourish over-processed and dull hair to make it shiny and silky. The fatty acids found in almond oil, like oleic acid, linoleic and palmitic, make even the driest strands shiny and more manageable.

Keeping your hairstyle slick and fabulous is difficult, especially in humid weather or during the winter season. Almond oil will calm your hair’s curly texture. In addition, almond oil infuses the hair with nutrients and moisture that protect it from damage caused by heating, brushing and colouring.

Fights Various Scalp Conditions

Aside from its moisturising properties, almond oil is also an excellent addition to your skin health products. That’s because it contains antibacterial components that help treat scalp conditions like seborrheic eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis. Other common scalp problems like scaly patches and dandruff will also disappear with the application of a few drops of almond oil on the affected areas.

Promotes Hair Growth And Elasticity

Almond oil bulks up hair and can even reactivate hair follicles that have been dormant for many years. The Vitamin B7 of biotin found in almond oil can help thicken your thinning hair. It also helps produce more keratin to speed up the growth of strong hair.

How To Apply Almond Oil To Your Hair

Countless hair products like shampoos, conditioners, scalp scrubs and styling products have consistently had almond oil as their main ingredient. In addition, many people have used almond oil as a DIY haircare formula because of its affordability and availability.  Here are some of the most convenient and effective ways you can use almond oil for your hair.

Use As Hair Oil

Like coconut oil, almond oil is used as a natural oil moisturiser to add lustre to the hair. Put a small amount into your palm and rub directly into your hair. The result will be shinier and smoother hair right away. Mixing almond oil with chamomile oil can also remedy a flaky and irritated scalp.

Use As A Hair Treatment

Using almond oil for scalp massage can relieve tension in the hair and scalp, stimulate hair growth and quicken the penetration of other products. In addition, almond oil mixed with olive oil promotes extra lustre and softness and treats the damage caused by some haircare procedures. Almond oil will work great with an electric massager for scalp massage. It can also be used as a wash-out hair treatment homemade formula.


If you’re uncertain about almond oil, just apply a drop or two to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. You’ll soon notice the difference it makes. Almond oil works well with any hair type and other haircare products, so adverse reactions are unlikely. It’s also a budget-friendly, organic product. How many more reasons do you need to give it a try?

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