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How to Find the Hair Restoration Clinic that Suits You!

There are two separate but equally important decisions facing you when it comes to having hair transplant surgery. The first is the hardest; that comes when, after years of thinking about it and putting it off for all sorts of reasons, you finally decide “I’m going to do this!”

Then comes the second decision, the one that will largely determine how your hair looks as you move into your post-transplant future. You have to choose which clinic you’re going to trust to perform your surgery. You’ll do some research on the subject, of course. But what are the issues and topics you need to focus on to ensure you choose wisely? Scroll down to find out!

Home or Abroad?

Many people are drawn to overseas clinics in eastern Europe and Turkey because they can receive hair restoration treatments at a lower price than in the UK. This cost-saving, however, carries with it greater risk. That’s because it’s much harder to check out the staff and standards of these clinics, and there are many unlicensed and unregulated outfits operating in those areas; you’ll find plenty of ‘hair transplant horror’ stories with just a quick internet search.

Even the more reputable clinics abroad need to cut corners to keep costs down in what is a highly competitive market. Those ‘corners’ include the quality and experience of the staff employed to perform hair transplant surgery. Consultations with clients before surgery and aftercare appointments are also likely to be kept to a minimum.

There are good clinics doing quality work all over the world, but you need to exercise extreme vigilance if you choose that route.

Doing Your Research

You wouldn’t dream of booking a hotel room without first checking out its customer reviews, so why would you not apply the same scrutiny to hair transplant clinics? If the clinic has been around for a few years, it should have a solid bank of testimonials and customer reviews. By all means, have a look at a clinic’s own website but don’t stop there (have you ever seen a company publish a poor review of itself?)

Social media channels and consumer sites like Trustpilot provide a good way to check what customers are saying about their experience. Sample a good number of opinions if possible and take note if the company responds to a negative review. Reputable companies will often follow up on any customer complaints so if you see evidence of that, it’s a good sign.

What Services Does the Clinic Offer?

The first thing to establish is whether the clinic offers a free consultation. Good clinics do this. Not everyone who wants a hair transplant is a suitable candidate. Some may not even need that particular treatment. Top-quality clinics will want to assess clients and advise them of the most suitable treatment for their needs. Unlike the unscrupulous operators, they aren’t in the business of selling the most expensive treatment whether the customer needs it or not.

Additionally, good clinics have nothing to hide and everything to gain by inviting customers to come in for a free consultation. That’s because they’re confident in their facilities and their staff. They know that customers will be impressed by what they see and hear and will come back as a result.

Treatment Plan

The consultation is also your chance to get a personal treatment plan and find out exactly what you can expect from your procedure. That includes the methods and techniques they’re going to use. By the time the consultation is over, you should know everything you need to know about the operation and the medications involved both before and post-op. Arrangements for aftercare, including appointment dates, should be made clear. The consultation is also the stage at which you can find out the cost of your treatment and compare it with the competition.

Who Works at the Clinic?

Your research should also focus on the surgeons and technicians employed by the clinic. The organisation’s website should list the names and details of the technicians and surgeons it employs. That gives you the chance to do a bit of online searching to check their credentials and their areas of expertise.

Final Thoughts

Choosing where you go for your hair transplant is a big decision. Unlike a bad haircut, for example, it’s not something that can be reversed or changed easily. Make a bad choice and you could be staring at the consequences in the mirror for quite some time. Following the tips in this article should help you steer clear of that scenario!

Vinci Hair Clinic should be on your shortlist of choices. One of the world’s leading hair restoration organisations, we have earned our reputation for quality and safety over many years. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our new clients, so you can bring all your questions and put them to one of our experts. Get in touch and book your appointment today!