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How To Achieve Long Hair Without Split Ends

Constantly dealing with split ends can be a pain, especially when all you want is to have beautiful, long, shiny hair. Fret not, however, because there are numerous things that you can do to get the hair you’re dreaming of before you decide to give up and cut it short.

Imagine the frayed ends of a piece of cord. That’ll give you a good idea of what split ends look like. It happens when the ends of your hair become weak, dry and brittle, like bristles on an overused toothbrush. Causes of split ends include harsh weather conditions or regular curling or straightening of hair strands. Unfortunately, once split ends develop, you cannot repair them. Prevention is always the best strategy but if that fails, you can always try disguising them with some clever hairstyling!

How To Prevent And Disguise Split Ends

Always Be Gentle With Your Hair

People tend to pull and tug at their hair whenever they are washing it. If you’re one of those people, stop doing it! Your hair is vulnerable and easily damaged so be gentle with it.

Drying your hair by rubbing it vigorously with a towel can result in hair breakage. Do this as a regular part of your routine and you will do serious damage to the hair cuticle. This will eventually cause split ends. Instead of attacking your hair with the towel, therefore, dab it dry gently. So what if it takes a bit longer?

Always Detangle Your Hair Before Brushing

Laziness or pressure of time can sometimes cause people to start brushing their hair before they have untangled it. Be warned: that way lies split ends! Whether your hair is wet from the wash or has been patted dry, it is vital to disentangle your strands. Gently go through untangling it, and only then proceed to brushing or styling your hair.

Experts suggest the use of a wide-tooth comb for untangling and taking the knots out of your hair. You can also buy special detangling brushes that glide smoothly through your hair. This reduces the possibility of hair breakage and split ends.

Avoid Constant Exposure To Heat

Styling your hair helps you look presentable. But constantly using heat to beautify it can cause irreversible damage. Blow-drying, straightening or curling your hair all the time can dry it out. It can also change the structure of your hair proteins.

If you feel you really need to use heated devices, try to tone down the temperature. It can still style your hair the way you want it without causing major damage. You can also buy products that protect your hair from heat when applied before the styling begins.

Use A Silk Pillowcase To Prevent Tangling

You can prevent your hair from tangling by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. These fabrics reduce the friction between your hair and the pillow when you toss and turn at night. Your hair will glide and slide all night without a split end in sight!

Avoid Daily Washing Of Your Hair With Shampoo

Daily washing of your hair with shampoo can cause split ends. Shampoos remove excess oil from your scalp but if used too much, they can also strip away the essential oils needed to hydrate your hair. This can lead to dry hair and, eventually, the appearance of split ends. When you want to wash your hair daily, use only quality conditioners.

Use Split End Restoration Serums

While you cannot repair split ends, you can conceal them by using the correct products. If you start noticing fraying hair ends, grab a shine serum and gently smooth out your hair. If you intend to treat your hair chemically, make sure you stock up on products containing keratin. Keratin makes the strands tougher and firmer. It also makes your hair shiny and vibrant.

For people with dry hair, conditioners that moisturise and hydrate your hair are essential. Keeping your hair moisture levels up will help prevent split ends, hair fall and colour loss. Many experts also encourage the regular use of hair masks, which are known to replenish the lost nutrients, enhance strength and improve the health of your scalp.


Dealing with split ends can be tiresome, but it is worth it to enjoy healthy, long hair. While split ends cannot be repaired, they can be prevented from appearing in the first place. Adopting good haircare routines while avoiding potentially harmful products is the way to do this.

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