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Here’s Everything You Need to Do To Have Thick Hair

Who doesn’t dream of having thick, gorgeous hair? While genes play a part, there’s a lot you can do to boost your hair’s thickness.

Your journey to achieving and maintaining thicker hair involves a multifaceted approach rooted in science and care. From adopting a nutrient-rich diet tailored to support hair health to incorporating targeted grooming practices, there’s a wealth of actionable steps at your disposal.

Let’s dive into a straightforward guide that combines wisdom from health experts with practical tips for achieving and maintaining thick, healthy locks.

1. Nourish Your Body from Within

Healthy hair starts with a balanced diet, as highlighted by experts from Harvard Health Publishing. Load up on fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains to give your body the nutrients it craves. Essential vitamins like A, C, and E, as well as minerals such as iron and zinc, are vital for promoting robust hair growth.

2. Stay Hydrated

Water is your hair’s best friend. Proper hydration doesn’t just keep you feeling good; it also ensures your hair stays well-hydrated, preventing it from becoming dry and prone to breakage.

3. Choose the Right Hair Care Products

Selecting the right products can make a huge difference. Opt for shampoos and conditioners designed to add volume and nourishment without harsh chemicals. Be kind to your hair—avoid excessive heat styling and use a heat protectant when you do. Also, consider adding a deep conditioning treatment to your routine for that extra boost.

4. Be Gentle with Your Hair

Your hair deserves gentle treatment. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair to prevent breakage, and go easy on the styling tools. Tight hairstyles can pull on your hair, leading to breakage over time.

5. Regular Trims for Healthy Ends

Trimming your hair every 6-8 weeks isn’t just a style choice; it’s a health move. Regular trims eliminate split ends, keeping your hair healthy from the roots to the tips.

6. Massage Your Scalp

Did you know that a simple scalp massage can do wonders? Massaging your scalp boosts blood flow to your hair follicles, encouraging healthier hair growth. Spend a few minutes massaging your scalp during your regular hair care routine.

7. Consider Supplements

Sometimes, your body needs a little extra help. Biotin, a B-vitamin, is known to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. But before you start any supplements, it’s wise to check with a healthcare professional.

8. Protect Your Hair from the Elements

The environment can be harsh on your hair. Wear a hat in the sun and consider protective styles in windy conditions. Look for hair products with UV protection to shield your hair from the sun’s harmful effects.

9. Manage Stress Levels

Stress doesn’t just affect your mind; it can impact your hair too. Incorporate stress-management techniques like meditation or deep breathing into your routine. Taking care of your mental well-being is a gift to both your hair and your overall health.


Achieving thick hair doesn’t have to be complicated. By following these simple steps inspired by health experts, you can promote hair growth, prevent damage, and enjoy the confidence that comes with having thick, healthy locks. Consistency is key, and with a little patience, you can unlock the secrets to the lush hair you’ve always wanted.

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