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Have You Fallen for These Hair Transplant Myths?

If you’re experiencing hair loss and have considered having a hair transplant, you may have done some research on the subject. Good for you if that’s the case; information is power and all that. The problem is that information can come at you from so many different sources these days, some more reliable than others. If you get much of your information from social media, for example, you may not always be getting facts you can rely on. You may have read stuff about hair transplants that has put you off the idea altogether.

That’s why we’re going to look at some of the myths surrounding hair transplants that get an occasional airing on social media platforms. Read on to get the facts rather than the fiction!

Five Hair Transplant Myths Busted!

There are countless myths and half-truths about hair transplants that get recycled on the internet and social media. We’ve picked the five most common ones and listed them below. You’re sure to recognise a few!

Myth # 1: You Need to be Young to Get a Hair Transplant

You’re never too old to get a hair transplant providing you have healthy growth in the donor sites at the sides and back of your head. That’s a rule that applies to all candidates for transplants regardless of their age. Age can be more of a factor for younger people, in fact. People in their late teens and early twenties might be advised to hold off on the hair transplant for a few more years to give their hair loss a chance to stabilise. The last thing you want to see is your transplanted hair growing healthily while the hair around it falls away.

Myth # 2: You Need to be Male to Have a Hair Transplant

There are probably quite a few women out there who have never fully investigated what a hair transplant could do for them because they think it’s a male-only treatment. While it’s true that most candidates for a transplant are male, women could benefit from the treatment in the same way. Female pattern baldness differs from the male equivalent, so the surgery has to be done in a different way, but the results can be just as good.

Myth # 3: Hair Transplants Look So Fake!

This myth probably had more than a grain of truth back in the day. When the first hair transplants were being done many decades ago, the results often looked a bit strange. Things have changed since then. Technology has improved, surgical instruments are more advanced and the knowledge and expertise of hair transplant surgeons are greater than ever before. These days, you’ll never know if someone has had a hair transplant unless they tell you themselves. The results are that good!

Myth # 4: Hair Transplants Are Painful

Let’s get real. It’s well-nigh impossible to undergo any surgical procedure without experiencing some level of discomfort. That said, there is nothing too scary about the modern hair transplant procedure. Treatment is carried out under needle-free anaesthetic, and the surgery won’t require sutures. You may experience a little pain in the scalp area once the anaesthetic has worn off, but this is easily managed with the pain-relief medication your clinic will give you.

Myth # 5: Only Celebrities Can Afford a Hair Transplant

This is another myth that probably started off life as a fact. There was a time when hair transplants were the exclusive preserve of the rich and famous. That was around the same time when air travel and foreign holidays were also only affordable to the well-heeled. Thankfully, those days are gone. Hair transplants are now within the budget of the ordinary man and woman in the street. Most reputable clinics will also offer finance plans to help make payment easier for their clients. What’s the best way of finding out the cost of a hair transplant? That’s easy. Contact a reputable clinic and get a quote!


Deciding to have a hair transplant is a major decision. There are lots of factors to be considered, lots of fear and apprehension to be overcome. That’s why you want all the relevant information at your fingertips to help you make the right decision. You want to be basing this life-changing choice on the facts, not on some half-baked notions doing the rounds on the internet. Hopefully, this article has been a help with that.

If you have concerns about hair loss, the best advice is to speak to an expert as soon as possible. When it comes to experts, Vinci Hair Clinic has the best! We are one of the world’s leading hair organisations, and we offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all our new clients. Book an appointment today – we have clinics worldwide!