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Five Tips to Help Maintain Shiny and Healthy Hair in Warm Weather

Our daily routines vary. Many of us start the day with a workout, meaning that we have to shower and wash our hair more often. Some of us get tangled up in busy work schedules and go about the day without paying much attention to haircare.

Whatever your situation, chances are that you do a little bit of grooming and styling before you start the day. And this applies to everyone, regardless of the amount of hair on your head. However, you won’t always be able to style your hair just as you want.

Some mornings it will be in an ideal state, with the right amount of oil and moisture that allows for easy styling. On other days, it will be too oily or dry. Chances are that it’s the weather, amongst other factors, that will cause your hair to be in this state. We’ll share with you five tips to keep your hair shinier and healthier during warm days.

  1. Avoid Washing Your Hair Daily

The amount of oil in our hair determines how well our strands cooperate when you’re styling. Too much oil causes the hair to be heavier and not obedient to your styling demands. On the other hand, less oil than normal could also cause the hair to be stiff and resistant to the desired styling.

The right oil balance is the key to healthier hair, but how can you achieve this balance? The first step is to reduce shampooing because that’s what clears the oil from your hair. Even though the hot weather might encourage you to take more frequent showers, you can still have them while using shampoo less often. Just use warm water instead. When you do use shampoo, make sure you’re selecting good quality products, as cheap ones often contain harsh ingredients such as silicone which lead to dry hair.

  1. Keep Conditioning Daily

Conditioning doesn’t harm your hair as much as shampooing can. On the contrary, conditioning your hair daily keeps the strands healthy and stunning. Shampooing your hair changes the amount of oil on your hair and, therefore, the pH levels. Applying a conditioner will nourish your hair and restore the pH levels to an optimal level, making your hair softer and stronger.

We all have bad hair days, especially during hot weather when our scalp gets covered in sweat or our hair is drier due to high temperature and low humidity. Conditioning your hair daily can provide your hair with proper nourishment and moisture so that it easily takes your desired styling. Also, let’s not forget that moisturised hair is flexible and hard to break, which means less hair loss.

  1. Re-Calibrate Your Oil Production

Our scalp produces natural oil which is known as sebum. Regulating the sebum production helps us keep the hair neither too greasy nor too dry. It’s worth noting that regulating oil levels doesn’t happen instantly. Washing your hair less to regulate oil levels might provoke scratching in the first weeks. However, you’ll notice a reduction of oil in your hair over time, and then you can tailor your washing and shampooing routine to keep the strands moisturised.

  1. Treat the Roots of Your Hair with the Proper Hair Product

The products you apply to your hair should be determined by the condition of your strands, their length, thickness, oil levels and density. You’ll see that there are different products for each condition and that these can be applied to the hair in either a dry or damp state.

  1. Blow-dry Moderately!

With medium or long hairstyles, it’s difficult to manage your hair without a blow-dryer. The heat dries your hair properly and makes the products you apply more effective. Remember: applying more hair products is not the key to styling your hair properly. Drying the applied solution is, and it can add more texture and volume to your hair.

This way you’re saving on haircare products, styling your hair as you want, and even decreasing the chances of hair loss. Don’t overdo it with the temperature, however, as this might turn on you and damage your hair.


As seasons change, our hair is subjected to temperature and humidity changes that we can’t control. And this affects men as much as it does women. The common practices you should follow include a controlled washing to regulate oil levels and the selection of the proper shampoos and conditioners.

If you see that this is not making your hair shinier, or if you’re concerned about hair loss, set up an appointment with our hair experts to find the right treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic offers a free consultation to all our new clients. Book yours now!